5 Ways To Stay Creative

February 19, 2015
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Creativity doesn’t have to take too much extra time out of your day. In fact, the opposite is true – it can help you find quicker and easier paths in any area of your life. I invite you to take a break from your busy routine for a few minutes, turn off your autopilot and turn on your genius. Choose one of these simple ways to stay creative and let’s get started.

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1. Spend time offline

It’s great to have information about anything at your fingertips, but if you’re constantly consuming information, your creative genius doesn’t get a chance to have its say. Make it a habit to unplug regularly. There’s a reason why people often get ideas in the shower or when they’re taking a walk and not in front of the computer screen.

2. Do something new

Sign up for a new class. Read a book you wouldn’t normally read. Take a different route to work. It will take you out of your autopilot mode and encourage your mind to make new connections.

3. Dance

Put on some music you love and allow your body to move without judging how you look. If you simply move in a spontaneous way, it’s as if your mind also frees up from restrictions and set patterns.

4. Talk to people

To allow new ideas in, keep an open mind and be interested in others. Deep listening can help you see how another person’s perspective relates to your own problems. Or you can ask others for help with your challenges and often it’s best to ask people outside of your normal circle (being online is great for that) – then you will get completely unexpected ideas.

5. Draw your challenge

Are you struggling with a decision? Trying to solve a problem at work or at home? What if you drew your challenge? Try imagining what it would look like if it was a place or an animal, or just let your hand move. It doesn’t matter if your drawing doesn’t look like anything, this is just a way to connect with a part of your brain that you may not usually use and see your challenge from a new perspective.

Don’t stick to just one of these activities or it will turn into your new habit. Instead, try all of them at different times and always be on the lookout for new ways to stay creative. Not only will you be able to use your creativity to improve your life, you’ll have a lot more fun, too!

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