5 Weird Beauty Treatments For Better Skin

September 23, 2014

Ever wanted to find out the secret to super-clear skin? Well you’re certainly not going to find it at the drugstore! Many men and women are looking towards unconventional methods to get rid of pimples, scarring, and as well as un-even skin tones – some of which aren’t exactly easy to get your hands on.

Below are just a few different treatments from all over the world which are claiming to offer clear skin.

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Placenta facial

Yes, they certainly went there. Many women have been saving their placenta to create nourishing masks for both the face and body. Placenta-based beauty treatments are known for their ability to transform the appearance of sun-damaged skin, and are also helpful for those who suffer from acne scarring.

Don’t have your own placenta saved for the procedure? Many spas offer their own Russian placentas – but they don’t come cheap at $400.

Carp pedicure

This wacky beauty treatment is available in both Greece and Turkey, which helps to remove dead skin cells from feet. Tiny carp, also know as ‘doctor fish’ carefully tear away dry or dead skin cells that can be traditionally hard to reach.

The process can be quite ticklish, and so make sure to sit tight – since the treatment can cost upwards of $100 depending on where you go.

Vampire facial

Resurrected by none other than Kim Kardashian herself, this gritty beauty treatment takes the patients plasma then injects it back into their own skin. Freaky!

Geisha aka ‘Bird-poop’ facial

Shizuka day spa in New York City has been offering the Geisha facial as a treatment to heal and moisturise dried skin. Nightingale droppings are powdered and sanitised before applied directly onto the forehead, cheeks and chin then left on the skin for 50 minutes.

The enzymes from the droppings interact with the patients skin, and create a glow once removed.

Chocolate facial

Finally, something to look forward to! The Aquapura Douro Valley Resort and spa in Portugal offers an intense chocolate facial on both the face and body.

The vitamins and minerals found in chocolate help to fight against premature ageing, sun damage and even cell rejuvenation. Sold!

Would you ever consider trying one of these whacky treatments?

Image via Kim Kardashian

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