6 DIY celebrity hair trends!

January 4, 2010

Dale Dorning is an International Celebrity Hair and Makeup Artist who looks after our very own Delta Goodrem. Here’s his picks for the hottest hair styles this season.


Plaits are perfect in so many ways for the party season.

Plaits allow you to really frame the face with them, and plaits or braids add a point of difference or interest to a basic hairstyle.

Apply a product to create extra texture in the hair, lightly blow-dry the hair, and then plait the hair in different sized plaits. Then rub the plait between the palms of your hands to create some positive charge. This makes the plaits look bohemian and a little imperfect. Secure with small clear bands.

You can also take two sections from behind the ears and make a plait each side then bring them across the top of the head, and secure with bobby pins to make a headband effect.


Give your straight style a boost this party season with ringlets. Ringlets are best achieved on dry hair. The trick with great ringlets is to use small and medium hot tongs.

1. Start at the nape and begin to section hair off in no bigger than 1-inch sections.

2. Spray a light to medium hold hairspray onto each section and wrap hair around the tongs from ends to roots.

3. Hold for 10 seconds and gently release the arm of the tong so the hair will release from the tong in a perfectly formed ringlet.

4. Spritz the hair with a gloss spray with light hold to ensure the ringlets hold and don’t drop too quickly.

Beach Waves

1. In damp hair, spray a sea salt spray and a leave in spray conditioner to mid-lengths and ends.

2. Using a diffuser on your dryer to scoop up hair, have your dryer on low to medium heat and speed as you want to form wave and decrease frizz through the diffuser. I like to get the hair 80 percent dry then loosely clip the hair up to finish drying.

3. You can also take a medium large hot tong on dry hair and wrap from roots to ends to create an ‘S’ wave bend in the hair, the ends will taper off to a nice kink. Pro tip – only take random sections so the styling doesn’t look too perfect.

Bed Head

This look is great for achieving a style that looks effortless.

1. Apply a volumising spray mousse to your hair and blow-dry in to get lift and hold. I like to put large hot rollers in the hair and leave in until they are cooled.

2. Pro tip – large hot rollers on the top will give enough bend to the hair to not look over-done.

3. Remove rollers and shake your hair out to give perfect bed hair.

Straight Hair

For some women, straight hair styles are their ultimate ‘do’ as they often don’t take the time to style it straight every day for work.

1. Always prep your hair when it’s wet with a weightless relaxing or de-frizzing crème or balm.

2. Before you start stretching the hair, take out 80 percent of moisture out of your hair with your hair dryer.

3. Section hair and, using a large boar bristle brush, stretch the hair whilst drying it. This will help remove frizz and give a better result when ironing the hair.

4. When using irons, lightly spritz each section with a heat protecting spray – this will help protect the hair from damage and prolong straightness.

5. Pro Tip – using a weightless shine spray, like Nak Lustre Shine Spray, on the ends before ironing will help the iron glide more smoothly whilst protecting the ends and it will also give an even visual texture to the hair.

Classic Chignon

Effortless glamour is the key here, so it’s important to create a style that is easily translated from day to night, ie for the office and for social occasions.

A soft chignon is perfect for mid to longer length hair and especially great for the summer months – it looks chic, elongates the neck line & is so easy to do.

Start with clean dry straight hair, and blow-dry in a volumising product from the roots.

Don’t over brush the hair, rather use your fingers & taking a hair bungee, pull the hair into a low ponytail. Then spray a light working & fixing spray onto the style to give a positive charge.

Twist and lift the ponytail lightly & secure with bobby pins. Secure the style to the back/centre of the head. I like to use a shine product after I give the hair a slight shake/massage at the roots & temples as this makes the style look whimsical & red carpet.

“Rachael Carpani, Teresa Palmer & Sophie Monk are big fans of the ‘effortless up do, as you can vary it to suit & always looks chic vs overdone!”

Finish with a spritz of a shine hold spray, and pair with chic make up!

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