6 Easy Tips For Stronger Nails

January 27, 2015
6 Easy Tips For Stronger Nails

Taking care of your nails is easier than it sounds, especially if you love nothing more than a manicure/pedicure every few weeks. Regularly exfoliate, moisturise, and file your nails to create a flawless base for nail varnish.

Not only will it last longer, but you won’t suffer from stained nails and irritating breakage. Here are a few of our basic tips on how to care for your nails at home.

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Cuticle cream

The secret to flawless nail polish is to keep the nail bed clean and tidy. Regularly use a cuticle cream to moisturise the area around dry nails, and avoid any dry patches which can be caused by the weather, salt water, and even fake tan. Apply a tiny amount of cuticle cream on the nail bed, and massage gently until the skin soaks it up.


Body oils are a great way to indulge and give your nails a little extra TLC. Just before going to bed, apply a moisturise-rich oil onto the hands, feet, and heels to soothe dry patches. Even though these products might take a little longer to soak into the skin, they are essential in keeping your nails looking their best.


To avoid breakage, there are a number of supplements which encourage healthy hair and nail growth. Biotin is found naturally in eggs, but can be taken in the form of a multi-vitamin to treat brittle fingernails over an extended period of time.


Take a small nail brush and regularly exfoliate your nail beds. It doesn’t have to be too harsh; simply use circular motions to remove any dead skin or bacteria away from the surface of the nail. Rinse hands with lukewarm water, then apply a hand cream before going to bed.


Treat your nails to a weekly soak which helps to balance out natural oils released from the skin. Use a combination of rose water, chamomile, and green tea to soak your nails for about 5-10 minutes. Moisturise afterwards to avoid over-drying, and create silky smooth hands and feet!

Nail polish

Always use a base and top coat if you want a subtle shine without the colour. Many nail polishes make quick-drying formulas which are perfect if you’re constantly on-the-go, or don’t have time to treat your nails. Always use a base coat to avoid discolouration on the nail bed (often an orange tinge), but if this does occur, use lemon juice to reverse the damage.

What are some of your tips for healthy looking nails?

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