6 face masks for glowing skin!

February 12, 2010

Want skin that feels as good on as a new Rachel Gilbert dress? Here are six of the best. By Olivia Hambrett.

I love masques. Love. You know when you see people with dewy skin and you think, how does one get such a clear, supple, glowing face? Masques. The at-home facial products that can give you skin that radiates with good health, in under fifteen minutes. I’ve gathered together six top quality masques below that are more than worth your while and your (completely reasonable) investment. Adding a weekly masque to your skincare regime is a good habit to get into.

Remember – investing a little time and a little money into quality skincare means less make-up. There’s no need to cosmetically enhance healthy, radiant skin.

Trilogy Purifying Masque, $30

This is a great masque from one of my favourite brands, Trilogy. It’s potent, so a thin layer is ample. The Kaolin clay works to draw impurities to the surface (you’ll notice many purifying masques are clay based; it’s a wonderfully natural cleansing agent) whilst the witch hazel tones and clarifies. Organic rosehip and rose geranium oils rehydrate gently so you’re not left feeling tight of skin. Cleanse skin with something gentle (Cetaphil) before use, and it’s safe to use 1-2 times a week.

Wonder ingredients:
Kaolin clay
Witch hazel extract
Organic rosehip oil
Rose geranium oil


Le Reve Clarifying Radiance Masque, $32.75

If your skin is prone to dryness, it doesn’t mean you are exempt from the odd deep-cleanse … it just means you need to choose products that give back to the skin as they purify. This masque is incredibly gentle and contains essential oils (peppermint, sandalwood and cypress – so yes, it smells amazing) that rehydrate skin. Green tea leaf and marine extracts do the clarifying and radiance work and the result is clean, soft skin.

Wonder ingredients:

Essential peppermint oil
Essential sandalwood oil
Essential cypress oil
Green tea leaf extracts
Marine extracts


Ripple Massage Organic Green Clay and Cucumber Mask, $25

There’s nothing like a green clay masque to leave skin feeling clean. Perfect for this hot weather, during which we sweat and our pores clog, the green clay works to purge the skin of its impurities and the cucumber soothes. The great thing about this mask is that it’s so gentle, it’s suitable for both dry and sensitive skin. Macadamia oil and shea butter work to replace moisture as the clay rids skin of congestion.

Wonder ingredients:

Green clay
Macadamia oil
Shea butter


NiYama Honey Moisture Mask, $22.95

This masque is made of 80% organic ingredients. Oh yes, feel the virtue. Honey is a hot shot in the natural world, loved for its hydrating properties. In this pot of richness, it’s paired with aloe, chamomile, gotu kola and bilberry to deliver a serving of pure moisture. This is for skin that needs a serious drink and is a great one to have on hand as the weather cools and our skin is subject to air conditioning and whipping winds. Apply generously to clean skin and let your skin absorb it for 15 minutes.

Wonder ingredients:

Organic honey
Gotu kola

www.niyama.com.au // www.barenakedbeauty.com.au

Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask, $51

The day after I used this mask (and yes, I genuinely trial what I write about, so all these masks have been tested on a human with pleasing results) a friend of mine said to me, ‘what have you got on your skin, it looks amazing.’ And I was able to say, ‘nothing.’ I then relented and said ‘well I did use this mask …’ Manuka honey, the pohutukawa bloom and avocado oil make this a treat for the skin. You can use it everyday or as a weekly moisture treatment. Your skin will seriously glow.

Wonder ingredients:

Manuka honey
Avocado oil
Vanilla pod


Pola Sakura Veil Massage and Mask, $47

This marvelous little masque works to help skin maintain a soft, healthy texture, enlisting the help of three traditional Japanese extracts. Sakura, green tea and rice bran work to revitalize and hydrate, leaving skin with an even tone and smooth texture, whilst ginseng stimulates blood circulation. This is a great weekly masque to give your skin a little help in maintaining its strength and healthy appearance – don’t just apply and leave it, however, it needs to be massaged in until the gel turns white, and then leave it to work its magic. Hello cherry blossom skin.

Wonder ingredients:

Sakura extract
Green tea extract
Rice bran extract
Ginseng X
Hylaluronic acid


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