6 Fashion Pieces You Need On Every Weekend Getaway

April 14, 2016

Light packing guaranteed.

Weekend getaways are one of my fave things about life. Leaving the hustle and bustle of the big city for just two days is often enough to recharge my mind and body while I spend quality time with my SO.

A weekend away may feel like a mini holiday, but that doesn’t mean I want to put the same effort into packing as I would for a longer vacay. The last thing I want on a Friday night is to feel stressed about what to wear on my road trip, which is why weekend-getaway outfits need to be simple yet versatile.

So unless you plan to have dinner at a very fancy restaurant, ditch the heels and tight dresses. Looking stylish is important, but you’ll also want to be comfortable sitting in a car/train/plane for a few hours, so make sure you include the following six items in your suitcase…

1. Sweater dress

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A sweater dress, like this Hunter-Rose one, will keep you warm on cooler days or when the air-conditioning is cranked a bit too high in your hotel room – but, more importantly, it’s as comfortable as wrapping yourself up in a blanket while still making you look well put-together. Pair with leggings and sneakers for the road, and dress up with tights and boots for dinner.

2. Culottes 

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Culottes, like this pair from ASOS, may be one of the most versatile fashion pieces ever. The wide leg looks casual and relaxed when worn with a simple tee, but pair them with a white shirt and culottes are just as elegant as a pencil skirt. Best of all, they’re much more comfortable than skinny pants, making them perfect for a weekend getaway.

3. Monochromatic sneakers

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Avoid taking more than two pairs of shoes, as they will take up too much space in your luggage. A pair of monochromatic sneakers, like these adidas ones, are comfy on long walks taken while exploring your getaway destination, but they’re also understated enough for afternoon tea at that nice cafe you strolled by.

4. Breton shirt

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There is no need to pack five different tops for a weekend getaway – a classic white and navy Breton shirt, like this Le Petit Bateau one, will be suitable for any situation as it never looks overdressed or underdressed. Pack black bottoms and you’ll be prepared for any occasion.

5. Black ankle boots

Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-12 um 14.57.02

For those situations when sneakers would be too casual, black ankle boots, like these Isabel Marant beauties, will do the job. The great thing about these is that they’re perfect in any weather or terrain, and look great with pants and skirts alike.

6. Trench coat

Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-12 um 15.04.15

Unless you’re going to a tropical island (lucky you!), you can never rely on the weather forecast, which is why a trench coat, like this Zara version, will become your best friend. Again, it’s the versatility that makes it perfect for a weekend away as you can literally throw it over anything. And not only will it protect you from the elements, it will also make any outfit look a million bucks.

Images via favim.com, outwithamy.com and instagram.com.

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