6 Fashion Pieces You’ve Been Wearing Completely Wrong

March 24, 2016

Read and learn. 

Fashion can be confusing. One season pattern-clashing is all the rage, the next it’s all about going monochromatic. Although fashion rules are there to be broken, there are certain items of clothing that are never going to work in perfect harmony, no matter how much Fashion Week convinces you otherwise.

Getting edgy trends right is all about creating a flattering silhouette when combining different cuts and shapes. I had to learn the hard way by seeing embarrassing photos of myself making almost all of these mistakes, so consider yourself lucky – my pain is your gain…

1. High-waisted pants


What you’ve been doing wrong: Wearing baggy tops without tucking them in, making you look like you’re being eaten alive by your outfit.

How to slay it: High-waisted pants can make your legs look super-long, but in order for the proportions to be right, you should always pair them with crops or tight-fitting tops to create an hourglass silhouette.

2. Peplum tops


What you’ve been doing wrong: Peplum tops are very forgiving when you’ve had too much pizza, but wearing them under cardigans or blazers has the opposite effect and will make you look bigger than you are.

How to slay it: Don’t wear a tailored jacket over a peplum; if you absolutely have to add a layer, opt for a long coat.

3. Skinny jeans


What you’ve been doing wrong: If you’re not six feet tall, chances are you’ve worn skinny jeans without having them hemmed, resulting in pants that are way too long, making you look stumpy.

How to slay it: Get those bad boys altered to ankle length. Unlike flared jeans, skinny jeans aren’t meant to cover your shoes; the tight fit looks much more flattering when shortened.

4. Blazers


What you’ve been doing wrong: You’ve buttoned your blazer because it’s fitted and, well, it has buttons.

How to slay it: Don’t ever button your blazer unless you’re stuck in a snow storm, in which case you really should be wearing more than a blazer. A blazer isn’t the same thing as a jacket, so buttoning it always looks a little stuck-up.

5. Over-the-knee boots

What you’ve been doing wrong: You’ve combined over-the-knee boots with tight skirts and dresses, unintentionally making yourself look more street walker than boho chic.

How to slay it: No shoes are sexier than over-the-knee boots. To balance their inherent raunchiness, pair them with loose skirts and dresses. Showing a bit of skin is perfectly acceptable with a relaxed silhouette.

6. Semi-transparent tops


What you’ve been doing wrong: Wearing a normal bra underneath a see-through top can make an otherwise elegant outfit look cheap.

How to slay it: Opt for a strapless bra if your shoulders are showing for a much more glam and pulled-together look.

Images via pinterest.com.

Comment: What fashion faux pas burns your eyes when you see people wearing it on the street?

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