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6 Gift Ideas For The Man In Your Life This Valentine’s Day

6 Gift Ideas For The Man In Your Life This Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day

Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the man in your life can prove to be very difficult. As the shops are lined with red hearts and presents saying “I love you”, it’s clear to see most of these are directed at women. As far as us women go, we rarely want something we actually need – we just want something that makes us feel special.

But men? For the most romantic day of the year (or any event for that matter), men tend to be the hardest to shop for. It doesn’t have to be tough though; as complex as men may see they only ever want the basics when it comes down to it – beer, food, TV (sport) and sex. They desire the basics, it’s just up to us to present them in a more creative form. Here’s a few ideas your man will love this year.

1. Roses vs cacti

Let’s face it, when it comes to Valentine’s Day, men have it oh so easy. A bunch of beautiful red roses, a box of chocolates and a piece of jewellery (if it’s really serious), definitely wins our hearts every time. But buying a bunch of roses for a bloke? It’s just not going to happen. Us women, we need to think outside the box – we’re forced to think outside the box! This is where other more manly plants can come in.

The cactus is by far one of the manliest plants out there. With so many varieties available, it’s super easy to find the perfect one for your man. Not only that, but they will last much longer than that bunch of roses he brought you! Another alternative to the cactus is the bonsai tree. Ideal for the more serious relationships, they’re uniquely appealing and can even come complete with a blokey fisherman, hut or other ornaments.

2. The gift of BEER

They say the best way to a man’s heart is through food and beer, thus giving your man any form of this deliciousness (besides you, of course) is a given. There’s oodles of options out there for beer lovers that act as creative way to tell your man he’s awesome – without spending a fortune.

Perfect for your little bit on the side, or even if you’ve run out of gift ideas after years of marriage – the gift of beer never fails to disappoint, Most beer gift hampers are combined with other tasty treats too so they’re an easy way to give him the whole package, finished off with a very manly moustache heart balloon how can you go wrong! If you’re feeling really adventurous, an afternoon at his favourite brewery complete with beer tastings and lunch should get him feeling you really love him too – almost as much as he loves his beer.

There’s many other beer-related items out there too that’ll act as a romantic gesture to your man, without the girly-ness. The same way as champagne tends to be a women’s number choice, beer really is your man’s true bottle of bubbly. Consider a craft your own beer kit to get him experimenting with his own flavours, or a humorous book on the history of beer, educational right?

3. A new man cave addition

A bloke’s man cave is always craving the latest essentials and consequently, there’s always an opportunity for us ladies to contribute. Whether it be the hottest tech craze item you can purchase for him, additional beer glasses or sports and music memorabilia he can worship, there’s a world of opportunities there. Not to mention, you’ll be the coolest girlfriend for supporting his blokey man cave space, too.

Finding something new for your loved ones man cave can be as personal as you want. If the relationship is serious, you can go all out and buy something you know he’ll treasure for years to come, or if it’s a new thing something humorous or simple will most certainly make him smile.

4. A little sugar and spice

Every V-Day needs a little sugar to spice things up and your man is no different – and I’m not talking about in the bedroom (although, that’s a given). The same way us women like to feel pampered, men thrive on those cooked meals in bed or coming home after a long day to tasty smells in the kitchen, yes food really is the ultimate win with any man!

Depending on your bloke’s taste in food (which, let’s be honest – is probably everything!) spiced up hampers or an amazingly cooked 3-course meal at home utilising his top flavours can definitely warm your man’s belly. Whether it be a night indulging in chocolate treats and truffles, or a fine selection of chili infused goodies show off your skills in the kitchen or if you’re not game enough, buy him a hamper with all the tastiness included instead. Food and cooking gift hampers are an easy way to express your love, knowing you’ve definitely found the key to his heart.

Better yet, if you really want to win one over – why not combine the art of cooking with beer? There’s some fantastic cook books and selections out there that can be your go-to source of inspiration. Or, send him to his own beer cooking class which will most certainly get him in the kitchen at home too! Now we’re both winning!

5. The blokey BBQ bond

There’s something pretty special about the relationship a man has with his BBQ. As wonderful as us women may be, we’re never really going to make the cut when it comes down to a bloke and his BBQ bond, but – we can try, right!?

Basically, anything to do with your man’s BBQ is going to be a brilliant present for V-day. If his old one looks like its seen better day, you can splurge out and buy him a new one (but be warned, you may not see him for the rest of the day). Or, revamp his current setup with the latest cooking utensils he’ll get a kick out of.

From spunky stainless steel grill sets, to complete grill hampers, BBQ branding irons or a steam cleaner to get his pride and joy’s shine back, you’ll never be short of options. Any BBQ related gift will be sure to set fire to your man’s heart and he’ll be the talk of all the blokes at their next BBQ catch up!

6. Bearded love

Like with the bond between man and BBQ, there’s definitely an undeniable love between a man and his beard. It’s a connection us women will never really understand. The very same way we can spend hours doing our hair, a blokes beard takes effort. Thus, it’s absolutely crucial we respect this relationship and if anything help to nurture that special bond.

Books like the art of growing a beard or a smooth beard maintenance kit will certainly hit the spot. Wild Man Beard conditioning oil can tame even the most adventurous facial hair, or get him a “Beerd” can beer holder to ensure his prized possession looks just like him. Whatever you decide, a beard related gift will show the highest level of bloke respect.

By Jayde Ferguson, who writes for, a leading online provider of Valentine’s Day hampers and other gift ideas perfect for the man in your life. Gift delivery available in Australia.

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