6 Hacks For Breaking In New Shoes

May 25, 2016

So you can strut your stuff without blisters.

Shoes and handbags never cease to make me happy. It’s just so much easier to find a fab accessory than a piece of clothing, and I don’t have to skip dessert if I want to fit into my shoes the next day – they always glide on, even on fat days.

The only issue that comes with shiny new shoes is the fact they will most definitely give me blisters and excruciating pain on their first outing. I have repeatedly made the mistake of wearing new pumps to work only to find my feet bleeding by the time I make it to the office. Besides giving me beaten up feet, the blood stains on my brand new heels are sure to ruin my day.

The urge to wear new shoes as soon as possible is just too big sometimes, but unless it’s medical-grade footwear which makes me feel like walking on clouds, I will make sure to use any of these six hacks to break in future new shoes, my feet will thank me, and yours will too…

1. Chill out

For shoes that are a little too tight around the toes, use this simple trick to widen them. Fill two freezer bags with water and carefully insert them into the shoes before placing them in the freezer overnight. The water will expand when frozen, thereby stretching your shoes.

2. Get hot

Heat works wonders on leather as it allows the fabric to soften and reshape. Put on thick socks, slip into your new shoes and heat the areas that are most painful using a blow dryer. Let the shoes cool down before removing them so they mold to the shape of your feet.

3. Rough it up

Some shoe soles can be extremely slippery when new, making it hard to walk without looking like an uncoordinated baby giraffe. By roughening the sole with a piece of sand paper, you’ll get a better grip on the ground and can walk gracefully in your new platform heels.

4. Baby steps

Most shoes have a hard heel area that will give you blisters in no time. To prevent this, stick a gel cushion on the inside of the shoe where it rubs on your heel to prevent your skin being painfully worn raw. If you want to be extra careful, put some baby powder on your heel for even less friction.

5. Spot the mole

If there is only a small area in your shoe that pinches or rubs, put some moleskin on that spot on your foot, soak your foot in water so the moleskin expands, and then put your shoe on. This will stretch that particular area and reduce friction.

6. Give it time

The best way to break in new shoes will always be wearing them for short periods until they have adjusted to the shape of your foot. Take them to work in a separate bag and slip them on during your lunch break, or walk around in your new shoes while cleaning your apartment. Start with a few minutes only and slowly increase the length of time wearing them. It might take some patience, but it’s worth it in the long run.

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Comment: What’s the worst damage you’ve ever done to your feet breaking in a new pair of heels?


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