6 Keys To Weight Loss

May 11, 2014
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A new weight loss program promises to help participants lose the weight and keep it off with 6 scientifically proven bricks that build a successful total lifestyle change. The W8less 40-Day Challenge focuses on bringing the body back to a state of balance in order to achieve your weight and health goals. Sydney naturopath Kate Troup developed the web-based program which revolutionises the way you view food, lifestyle and weight loss.

The 6 bricks of the W8less Foundation:

Week 1 – Real food: Change your eating habits to a more natural, wholefood diet with the elimination of sugar, grains and alcohol. For the next 40 days, your diet consists of vegetables, good fats and proteins.

Week 2 – Movement: Sitting is harmful to health so movement is as important as structured exercise. Strategies on increasing movement in your daily routine will be introduced.

Week 3 – Stress: This is the underlying cause of most chronic health problems and for many people’s poor food choices. Change your response to stress with strategies to deal with tough situations.

Week 4 – Sun: A focus on how important sunlight is and how to safely get enough.

Week 5 – Sleep: The concept of sleep hygiene is introduced with strategies on how to improve your night’s sleep.

Week 6 – Connection: The key to maintaining social and physical connections for health and happiness through smiling, hugging, gratitude, connection with people, the planet and the universe.

Check out facebook.com/w8less40daychallenge for more information.

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