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6 Pillows That Actually Help You Sleep Better (Really)

6 Pillows That Actually Help You Sleep Better (Really)

Rest your precious head on these dreamy finds.

For years, I slept with the same pillow I’d had since childhood.

I felt sentimental about it, and took it with me every time I moved to a new apartment. But as an adult, I learned something else about my treasured childhood pillow: it was a huge pain in the neck. Literally. It was just so worn and flat, I was waking up at night and getting frequent headaches. At first, I didn’t want to think that the culprit could be my sweet old pillow but… it was.

The whole point of a pillow is to keep your head and neck supported and your spine aligned properly. That’s not going to happen if your pillow is more of an emotional lovey than an actual support system for your body. And maybe you have some other pillow-related needs and preferences; are you one of those people who keeps waking up to turn the pillow over so it will be cooler?

That’s never been my thing, but now there are special cooling pillows. Seriously, there’s a pillow out there to meet pretty much every need, and it’s worth your while to find the right one. Pillows help you get a good night’s sleep, which is super important for your health and appearance and just general well-being. Here are six of the most popular.

1. Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Contour Pillow, $29.99

This is the one I bought after I came to terms with the limitations of my childhood pillow, and I like it a lot. Because of the memory foam, it’s not too rigid, but it provides enough support. Plus you can rotate it if it’s more comfortable to nestle your head into the lower part.

Buy it here.

2. Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow, $59.99

This pillow nails everything (it contains a combination of foams, is hypoallergenic and non-toxic, has that breathable bamboo cover, comes in three sizes) and is also adjustable! You can take the foam out or even order more to put in.

Buy it here.

3. Coop Home Goods Eden Pillow, $69.99

The Eden Pillow is also customizable, and the memory foam is infused with gel to keep it cool throughout the night. This is great if feeling overheated keeps you tossing and turning.

Buy it here.

4. Sleep Whale Premium Adjustable Shredded Memory Foam Pillow, $25.95

If you’re a side sleeper and looking for some extra support, this number will give you the firmness you need. And if it gets flat, you can poof it back into fluffy splendor by throwing it in the dryer (just read the instructions first)!

Buy it here.

5. Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillow, $32.99

A lot of people love the comfort of piling a couple of pillows on top of each other; these are much loved not only for being super soft and fluffy, but for coming in a pack of two.

Buy it here.

6. Continental Bedding 100% Premium White Goose Down Luxury Pillow, $87.99

Down has kind of fallen out of favor with people who just don’t want to sleep on bird feathers, either because it bothers them ideologically, doesn’t provide enough support, or hurts when the feathers poke out of the pillowcase (or a decisive mix of all three). But down pillows are super soft, so if you’re going to go there, then go all the way with 100% goose feathers (instead of a mix of down and other stuff) and fabric that’s 100% cotton.

Buy it here.

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