6 Reasons Why Italy Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

June 14, 2014
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You want to go on holiday but not sure where? The internal debate swings between whether you want to stay on a beach sipping a cocktail or whether you should get away to a mountain hut surrounded by nature, whether you should be adventurous and hike, jump and swim or maybe have a blast eating, drinking and shopping in a big city? Italy could be the solution to all these problems. The country may boast amazing food food, art and romance but you can actually have all those things – and a lot more.

Hike in the shadow of Europe’s highest mountains

6 Reasons Why Italy Is The Perfect Destination For Your Next Holiday

Experience the Italian alps, book a nice and cosy chalet in a good alpine location in the north of Italy and enjoy wonderful sceneries all year around. Go skiing in winter or enjoy hiking when the weather is warm. You will be able to see edelweisses, beautiful white mountain flowers  and a rugged beauty and purity.

Hike the spectacular 5 terre

6 Reasons Why Italy Is The Perfect Destination For Your Next Holiday

The Cinque Terre is one of the best areas in Italy for independent walking. The well-trodden paths are clearly marked and the five villages along the walk are linked by train and boat. You will be able to see spectacular sceneries – mediterranean trees from the top of the hills down to the water level, a very small village called Corniglia built on a cliff and nice beaches.

Explore small villages

6 Reasons Why Italy Is The Perfect Destination For Your Next Holiday

Usually people visit big cities and miss the prettiest part of Italy which means they don’t get to see all the small villages. There are so many and they are so different from each other. You can go to fancy restaurants and have a party on a yacht in the high-living Portofino, walk in Alberobello and feel like being in a fairy tale because of its unique “trulli” structures, see one of the best views in Pitigliano as It raises over a spectacular cliff-top of tuff… the list is endless. You just need to hire a car and stop in the less popular places.

Have fun in clubs and at beach parties

Milan is the perfect place if you want to have fun in clubs and have shopping in the most famous luxury brand shops, while Rimini is what you are looking for if you want to go to parties on the beach, dance until the sunrise and relax by a pool sipping a martini in the afternoon.

Relax on golden beaches and swim in the Mediterranean

6 Reasons Why Italy Is The Perfect Destination For Your Next Holiday

The beaches in the south of Italy are beautiful, whether you go to Calabria, Puglia or Sicily, you can’ t get it wrong! Lie, get tanned and have a swim in the clear water. You can easily find small beaches where there’s nobody else but you. This is the perfect setting to relax reading a book or enjoy the nature all around.

Of course, have the best food of your life, indulge in some romance and see spectacular artworks

You will also be able to experience what everyone expect from Italy: the best food ever, art and romance. You will possibly go back home with a few more kilos from all the carbonara, lasagna, pizza, tiramisu… There’s plenty to see in Italy. Rome is one of the most historic cities in the world, with galleries measuring over nine miles and relics almost everywhere. Venice is the perfect destination for couples. You can have romantic walks or even have a ride on the famous gondola in the moonlight.

As you can see Italy is not just about food and romance, It can really be the perfect destination to experience different things and please everyone if you’re with other people. So buy a flight ticket to Italy – explore, relax and have fun!

By Erika Cucchiara

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