6 Reasons Why We Love Lanolin

May 10, 2013

We’ve been using lanolin for years – so why is it such a must-have for our skin and lips (the SheSaid office is never without Lanolips 101 Lip Ointment!)? Lanolips founder Kirsten Carriol shares 6 reasons why lanolin is such a fantastic ingredient.

1. It’s a ‘good’ oil

The oils found in lanolin mimic the molecular structure of human skin lipids, which is why lanolin is so effective. Lanolin is one of nature’s wonder skincare ingredients.

2. It’s pure

The exclusive ULTRA Medical Grade Lanolin in Lanolips™ is highly refined and completely clean and pure. It’s hypoallergenic and causes no skin irritations, even in patients with severely compromised skin. Only Lanolips™ has a lanolin this pure.

3. It has history

The use of lanolin in cosmetics and skincare has a history longer than any other ingredient, dating back to 700BC. The ancient Greeks used lanolin as a protectant and emollient.

4.  It’s a super-moisturiser

The ULTRA Medical Grade lanolin in Lanolips™ locks in moisture, holding up to 400% of its weight in water, it acts as a water reservoir for your skin.

5. It’s 100% natural

Lanolin is fragrance free, colour free and naturally glossy, without any chemical additives.

6. It’s vegetarian-friendly

Lanolin is no more cruel to animals than drinking milk, using beeswax, eating honey or even wearing wool.  Lanolin is a by-product of wool washing.

Have you tried lanolin?

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