6 Resume Writing Tips That Will Give You An Edge

April 12, 2014
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Everyone knows that as job markets are growing more competitive these days, it’s getting harder to get your foot in the door – even for an interview. Instead of getting frustrated, it’s important not to give up, but to use this difficulty as a chance to improve and challenge yourself! How to find a job? And furthermore, how to get that job? Create a killer resume. Interviewers and HR managers are getting wise to the fact that interviews just don’t give a good enough portrait of a potential hire. You will be fact checked, so no lying! Here are 6 tips that just might give you a chance to interview for that dream job:

The basics

  • Keep your name and contact info (phone number, email address, street address) at the top of your resume
  • Keep your resume simple, clear and concise. Limit yourself to 2-3 pages
  • For references, either give 2-3 names and their contact info, or type in “References to be provided upon request”
  • Don’t give your date of birth (unless it’s an advantage for you to keep it on)

Include facts and figures

You can’t “fluff” up your resume with descriptions of what your job responsibilities were in your previous job. The writing is uninspiring, and there isn’t any guarantee that you did any of it well. The answer? Fill your resume with measurable results – percentages, numbers of people, feedback that you received, and so on. The more specific you can be, the better it looks to a good recruiter or interviewer.

Show something unique about yourself

Even if you do fill your resume with applicable skills and a solid performance record, that will only put you at an even level with the other qualified applicants hoping for this job. What you need to do is show something unique or unusual about yourself. What separates you from the rest of the people applying for the position? Maybe you’ve been keeping a blog and have a regular following? That shows energy, dedication, and hopefully good writing. If you need a boost in your resume, start with your current job; ask your supervisor for more responsibilities and then put them on your resume.

Do your research

Make sure you know what you are applying for. You must customise your resume for the job that you are applying to. It is imperative that you do not send out a “standard” resume that just showcase your skills and experience. All modern resumes have to be tailored to the job and company that you are applying to. Additionally there out to be an objective or purpose statement that shows why you want to work at that company, and what you hope to accomplish there.

Include key words (Resume SEO)

For very popular jobs and larger companies, there isn’t even a guarantee that your resume will be seen by a real person anymore. A lot of companies use computer programs that will automatically scan your resume for key words (don’t worry about density, mentioning something once will get you tagged), and will pass your resume along to a live person if your resume has certain key words. If you are wondering what key words to use, just look at the job description and make sure those are the words that are in your resume.

Spell check

This hasn’t changed. You still need to spell check, and you shouldn’t trust your computer to do it for you. Best advice would be to print it out and look it over on paper.

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