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6 Sex Toys You Can Hide In Your Handbag

6 Sex Toys You Can Hide In Your Handbag

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We all know that orgasms are good for us. They relieve tension, help improve our sleep and generally make us happier people. If they are so good for us and our general health, then why are we so set on leaving them in the bedroom? Now there is no need. With sex toys having come a long way (pardon the pun) there’s now no reason not to take your orgasms anywhere you choose. We’ve put together a little list of 6 terrific toys that can be hidden in your handbag – perfect for relieving stressful situations and making everyday life a whole lot happier …

The Bullet: These mini pleasure enhancers provide extremely powerful targeted clitoral stimulation given their size. Ranging from $9.99 for 3 inches (mini bullet) to $14.99 for 3.5 inches (extended bullet) the power bullets are cheap little treats that fit perfectly in your purse.

The Bodywand mini: These flexible little wands provide intense clitoral stimulation and come complete with diamante stones around the base. At $29.99, with varying speeds and whisper quiet you’re sure to find them magical.

Ipo the Finger Vibe: They may look like mini blimps but these clever little vibes sit securely on your finger for precise play. With varied vibration speeds Ipo offers near silent pleasure time. Available in pink and black and retailing at $59.99

Mia: Easily mistaken for a designer lipstick, Mia is USB rechargeable and very discreet. Featuring 4 varied stimulation modes she is the ideal companion for the travelling workaholic. Mia retails at $99.99.

Dorcel Remote Control Egg: A tempting treat you can use alone or with a partner. Insert the egg and control the vibrations from the 10 setting remote control. For added excitement pass the remote to your partner and let them push all the right buttons! Just be sure not to let the remote fall into the wrong hands… For only $69.99.

Luna Beads: Well you’ll actually be hiding these somewhere a little more intimate than your handbag! Luna beads are weighted balls inserted into the vagina to tighten your pelvic floor and enhance your orgasms simultaneously. These weighted balls can be worn all day long providing internal stimulation and pleasure whilst helping to tone and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Money well spent at only $79.99.

Whichever tempting toy you’re taking on the go, make sure you look after it and yourself properly by using a good quality lubricant and an antibacterial toy cleaner. All products  available from with discreet shipping across Australia and New Zealand.

Miss Tickles, resident Sexpert and Sex Toy Party Princess at along with her titillating team, travel the country bringing Sex-U-Cation to the women of Australia and New Zealand in the privacy of their own homes, surrounded by friends, where they can laugh and learn together. Find out more by booking your own party at

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