6 Signs You’re Wearing The Wrong Clothes For Your Body Shape

May 31, 2016

Different shapes require different styles.

Ever wondered why skinny jeans look amazing on your BFF but ultra unflattering on you, even though you share the same dress size?

Chances are she’s a rectangle and you’re a triangle.

In case it’s not clear yet, I’m talking about body shapes. Generally women fall into four categories: round (you tend to store fat around your tummy and thighs), triangle (you’ve got a teeny upper body ’cause all your fat goes straight to your thighs), hourglass (you’ve got a small waist and hips that could rival Kim K’s) and rectangle (you’re pretty balanced, straight up and down, kinda athletic-looking).

These different body shapes have little to do with your weight and much more to do with your genetics. More importantly, they require different types of clothes to balance whatever you have too much of with whatever you lack.

Everybody is different, so it takes a bit of trial and error to figure out how to wear certain fashion pieces and which styles you’re better off leaving on the shop shelves, but there are a few style errors that clearly show you haven’t got the hang of it yet. Try to avoid the following rookie mistakes at all costs…

1. You’re gaping

The problem: Your blazer looks good from the front but the slits at the back gape open – a big no-no, as slits are designed to sit flush. Gaping can make you look like you’ve bought a size too small.

The fix: If you have this issue, chances are it’s nothing to do with size; you’re a round or triangular body type. These body types are best suited to long jackets, which skim over the figure, elongating your silhouette. If you don’t want to miss out on wearing a blazer, get one with a loose fit.

2. You’re drowning

The problem: The dress you’re wearing hangs off your shoulders like a wet towel and your bum is pretty much invisible, making your silhouette look like a straight line.

The fix: If you’re a rectangular body shape, you tend to lack curves and should therefore avoid baggy tops and loose A-line dresses, which will only accentuate that. Instead, opt for fitted clothes and use accessories like belts to accentuate your waist.

3. You’re shrinking

The problem: Your skinny jeans make you look much shorter than you are; you feel like a stumpy dwarf.

The fix: Much to the disbelief of many, skinny jeans don’t work for everyone, especially not round or triangular body shapes. If you have more volume around the thigh and bum area, balance it out with flared jeans, which will elongate your legs.

4. You’re pulling

The problem: You’re constantly pulling down your skirts and tops, drawing attention to the widest part of your body: your thighs.

The fix: The wide hips and thighs of a triangular body shape make it difficult for bodycon skirts and tight tops to stay in place, which is why A-line skirts that are cinched at your waist are a better option, as they won’t require constant adjustment, and at the same time accentuate the more narrow part of your body.

5. You’re bursting

The problem: You’re afraid to take a deep breath, as your button-up shirt might burst open if you do.

The fix: Hourglass body types often have a hard time finding buttoned tops that fit, as they have a small waist but larger breasts and wide shoulders. Bursting buttons will make your cleavage look bigger than it is, so instead opt for V-neck tops and stretchy fabrics that will hug your body.

6. You’re “expecting”

The problem: You have legs for days in your high-waisted jeans, but they also make you appear pregnant.

The fix: High-waisted pants draw attention to the tummy, making even the slimmest of us appear bigger than we are around the midriff. This style should be left to rectangular body shapes; all others look more flattering in bootcut styles.

Images via giphy.com, teen.com.

Comment: What body type are you? Do you struggle to find the right clothes for your shape, or have you got it down pat?

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