6 Small Balcony Design Ideas


A small balcony attached onto an apartment or terrace is a great way to bring the party outdoors. With the luxury of light, fresh air and of course the views, decorate this charming outdoor space with a few of our essential design ideas.

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Pot plants

Fill the space with fresh pot plants, flowers and herbs (if you’re lucky enough to have the sun shining). If you’re not working with much space, simply place them over the table or on the balcony itself.

Small Balcony Design Ideas

Fairy lights

Adorn the space with fairy lights to make it feel more rustic and homely. If there’s no power point available outside, use an extension cord to easily tether the electricity from inside.

Small Balcony Design Ideas

Patio lounge

A waterproof lounge is a great way to maximise on space and hold a few parties of your own while the weather is warm.

Small Balcony Design Ideas


A few candles are ideal if your party runs into the evening and the lights are just too bright to turn on. Keep your tea lights in a lantern to keep them burning for longer.

Small Balcony Design Ideas


Invest in a dark, waterproof rug which is non-slip for your patio or outdoor area. It will also keep water from entering the bottom of the door into the house.

Small Balcony Design Ideas

Herb planters

To fill up some space on an empty wall, make your own herb planter and position it in a bit of sunlight. This might change depending on the seasons, but it’s a great DIY project to work on!

Small Balcony Design Ideas

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