6 Stories To Read Right Now If You Wanna Amp Up Your Sex Life

December 11, 2017

It’s about to get hot in here… 

They say the best things in life are free.

But while sex is definitely up there with life’s greatest natural pleasures, it’s not always easy to come by.

And, as is so often the case, once you get it in the form of a committed relationship, it can be tricky to keep going strong a few years in.

As paradoxical as it sounds, great sex is often the result of hard work – a commitment from both parties in the relationship to trying new things, communicating, and making time for each other.

And, according to our readers this year, these were the sex advice articles that helped achieve the above hot sex prerequisites the most. (You’re welcome.)

1. 9 Reasons Why You Really Need To Masturbate With Your Partner

Think masturbation has no place in your relationship? The future of your sex life begs to differ. After reading this, you’ll both want to put on a show for one another.

Read it here.

2. 10 Couples Sex Toys For Exploring Anal Play

If you and your partner are ready to take the plunge into exploring a spicy new chapter in your sex lives, this list has all of the toys you could possibly need to do that.

Read it here.

3. Here’s What Sex Toy You Should Get, Based On Your Zodiac

Are you an adventurous Aries or a practical Capricorn? If you subscribe to the zodiac, this is the one sex toy you definitely need to try to take things to the next level.

Read it here.

4. 13 Things You Definitely Didn’t Know About BDSM

BDSM gets a bit of a bad wrap, largely because it’s regularly misunderstood thanks to misrepresentation in popular books and films. So read this article to get the lowdown on what it’s really all about, and make it one of the kinkiest activities in your bedroom repertoire.

Read it here.

5. 8 Ways To Keep Sex HOT AF In Long-Term Relationships

Let’s face it; in long-term relationships, the sex can get a little lackluster, and sometimes it can even stop altogether. Thankfully, this article gives tips on how to keep the spark in your sex life alive, no matter how long you’ve been together.

Read it here.

6. 7 Reasons To Invite Someone Else Into Your Marital Bed

There’s no need to keep a threesome as just an erotic fantasy. This article gives seven sexy reasons you should explore the idea of opening up your marriage…

Read it here.

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