6 Things That Change After You Get Married

April Davis

Marriage may only be a piece of paper, but significant nonetheless. Some people say nothing changes when you get married, while some people say everything changes. To clear up the confusion, we’re here to outline the 6 things that change after you get married.

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You unwittingly become an adult

That big rock on your finger starts to command a certain level of respect, but with respect comes responsibility. Marriage is all about moving forward in life and is an important marker for adulthood. Generally speaking you’ll move in together, buy a house and start thinking about the future. Marriage can easily change your whole perspective on life and unwittingly makes you put someone else first, eliminating selfishness.

People start expecting you to have kids

“So, when are you two going to have kids?” – marriage means being prepared to hear this question, constantly! Even if kids are nowhere on the horizon people become obsessed with babies and a lot of people can get very pushy.

Money becomes fight worthy

Bills, mortgages and potential holidays are just the beginning. Everything you spend money on affects your husband. If you have an abundance of money, it probably won’t be a problem. If you’re lacking money, however, it will become a common argument trigger. But it doesn’t have to be. Budgeting and careful planning can help ensure you steer clear of uncomfortable money related fights.

Decisions become a joint venture

Everything from what you eat for dinner to what colour you’re going to paint the house becomes a joint decision. Some people look at this as a lack of independence, when really it’s all about compromise. It’s important to remember that every decision affects the both of you and as such, you should each be happy with what you choose.

You would rather spend a night in, over a night out

What’s the point in going clubbing to pick up men when you already have one at home? Getting married helps you become more settled and satisfied with spending time with the one person.

You become a married woman

This one may sound obvious, but a lot changes when people start identifying you as a married woman. You’re no longer single and ready to mingle; instead you’re married and ready to go home to your husband every night. Taking pleasure in this will help to keep your honeymoon period alive indefinitely because it’s a constant reminder of how lucky you are.

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