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6 Times Caitlyn Jenner Looked More Feminine Than You

6 Times Caitlyn Jenner Looked More Feminine Than You

Ever thought you’d get your fashion inspo from Kim Kardashian’s dad? Neither did we.

It’s been a hell of a year for Caitlyn Jenner. The world was watching when Bruce became Caitlyn scrutinizing her every move. But regardless of people’s opinion about her sex change, everyone seems to agree with one thing: woman knows how to dress!

Ok, it might not actually be Caitlyn herself effortlessly throwing together an outfit every day, but rather a whole stylist entourage planning every sartorial detail. However, that doesn’t change the fact Caitlyn is killing it in the fashion department. Instead of opting for gender-neutral outfits, she chooses to embrace her newfound femininity, and you’d be blind not to see, her outfits are smokin’.

So while you’re lazing around in your boyfriend jeans and oversized sweater, have a look at Caitlyn Jenner’s sexy, sophisticated super feminine style…

All that glitters

Mini skirt? Check! Sequins? Check! Matching clutch? Check! This outfit is definitely not for the timid. There is only one way a sparkly, tight mini skirt can work: legs for days. Thankfully Caitlyn’s got that covered.

Royal blue

Do I get a little bit of a Kate Middleton vibe here? The blue lace dress and black sling-backs would definitely be suitable for a princess, too.

Lady in red

A woman in a suit can look very sexy, especially with a bit of cleavage showing. Case in point: Caitlyn Jenner in this stunning red ensemble. Va-va-VOOM!


Meow! Another stunning wrap dress on Caitlyn showing off her new curves. Leopard prints combined with simple black pumps will never go out of style.

Black is the new black

Every woman needs a little black dress in her wardrobe, and Caitlyn knows it. She also knows how to rock it bodycon style.

Red carpet pro

Two words: Atelier Versace. Who wouldn’t look feminine in a stunning gown like this? Gorgeous from head to toe, this white dress proved to everyone that Bruce is no longer and Caitlyn is here to stay.

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