6 Ways To For Get Away With Outfit Repeating

December 13, 2015

Because looking on fleek gets expensive.

I absolutely adore this time of year. It’s filled with fun, family, and of course, festivities. Office parties, Christmas dos, and the ever looming thrill of New Year’s Eve are all on the cards. What merriment! What excitement! What a HUMONGOUS drain on your bank account!

Yep, although the silly season can be fabulous, going to party after party and shelling out oodles of your hard-earned cash on new clothes, shoes and accessories can seem like a big price to pay for a few hours of frivolity. Fortunately, there’s a way around this, according to Sabo Skirt and Sabo Luxe co-founder and fashion designer, Yiota Kouzoukas, who says it’s totally possible to outfit repeat (yep, we said it) without getting sprung.

Here are six simple ways to mix and match the same clothes to create a unique look every time…

First things first: The base outfit

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Before you begin, decide what your ‘base outfit’ will be. This is the outfit basics that will make up the core component of the look you’re going to play around with. The best base outfit is simple and monochromatic; usually a plain but chic top and shorts, and maybe a basic black watch.

1. The original look


Wear your base outfit on its own for a simple but chic look when you’re planning a casual coffee catch-up with friends or a day of shopping.

2. The beachy look


Stick to your plain shorts for a day at the beach and simply switch up the top for something strappy like a cropped singlet.

“If you’re heading to the pool or beach, white shorts are fresh and Summery,” says Kouzoukas.

Adding a small mesh backpack and simple turban will finish off the look.

3. The party look


“A great way to dress up some plain shorts for a nighttime look is to add a crop top and some statement jewellery,” says Kouzoukas.

“Crop tops are perfect for travelling because they’re small and take up so little space. If you want to put the cherry on top, the same goes for mini clutches.”

4. The chic day look


Changing up your top for something with a longer sleeve is an easy way to add instant sophistication to your shorts.

“Shorts paired with a draped top, sunnies and heels are perfect for daytime,” recommends Kouzoukas.

5. The pared back look


For a more pared back look, roll up the sleeves on your top and swap out your shorts for a pair of dropcrotch pants.

“This look is perfect for a nice lunch or dinner” says Kouzoukas.

To finish it off, add a basic wide-brimmed hat.

6. The relaxed glam look


A great idea for a softer, more classic night time party look is swapping out your basic top for a long floaty one, or even a simple T-shirt dress, which you can change the look of by knotting at the front.

“This one is perfect for a nice dinner, wearing the same shorts,” says Kouzoukas.

“Add to that a drapey top, and you’re good to go!”

Image via saboskirt.com.

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