6 Ways To Look Instantly Glam This Summer

December 9, 2013

Hot, blistering summertime sun, dry skin, long days…welcome to summer! It’s safe to say many of us wake up with with dry, dehydrated skin, or a dreary hangover from one-too-many cocktails with friends. And yet this is the time of year when we should be looking our best!

Kristy Probst, owner of leading makeup artistry service Instaglam, shares her expert beauty and makeup tips on how to look and feel instantly glam this summer.

1.  Splash your face with cold water
This will not only help to wake you up, but cold water assists in reducing swelling of the eyes and face, and tightens the pores.

2.  Prime, prime, prime!
Gently smear primer over the face before applying any makeup. Primer fills every crease and crevice in the face, making the surface silky smooth. It is also great for evening out the skin tone. Makeup lasts longer and stays fresh for extended periods of time with primer.

3.  Conceal dark blemishes
Apply concealer onto any spots, dark blemishes or under-eye bags. Spread it evenly on the affected area, but not around it. Remember to choose a concealer that either matches your skin colour or is a shade lighter. This will assist in hiding any problem areas.

4.  Apply a light foundation or tinted moisturiser
The best way to feel fresh and glam is by using as little foundation as possible! A small dab of light foundation or tinted moisturiser is sufficient, and proceed to spread this over your face to aid in smoothing out the skin tone, making sure that the colour on your face is the same colour as your neck.

5.  Add lipgloss
For the fresh summer look it is best to go with lip-gloss in a clear, light pink, brown or bronze tone. Lip-gloss always adds to the ‘glam’ factor and will make you feel polished.

6.  Tie your hair up into a soft bun or braid
Summer is all about the sexy, casual, effortless style. A soft bun or braid is the perfect accent to a fresh and dewy summer look.

What are your secret beauty and makeup tips for looking glam in summer?

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