6 Ways To Achieve Amazing Summer Skin At Home

November 22, 2012

Skin therapist Fiona Furness from Brisbane’s Clinic Aesthetic tells us the most-booked procedures in the lead-up to summer include Botox, fillers and pricey facials. But Fiona believes you can achieve amazing summer skin at home for a fraction of the price – here’s how.


“Sun protection should go without saying, but too many Queensland women are still not wearing enough. 30+ SPF minimum is a non negotiable. A common mistake is forgetting neck and décolletage, an area that is a dead giveaway for signs of aging. Don’t just stop at the face. Another area notorious for belying someone’s real age is backs of hands.”

Try: Results Rx Pure Protection RRP $110.


“Regularly exfoliate to remove dead skin and dirt. As temperatures heat up we tend to produce more sebum and sweat which means skin can get a little oily and grimy. Exfoliation is key to prevent clogged pores which can result in blackheads and breakouts.”

Try: Cosmedix Pure Enzymes RRP $66.00.

Avoid pigmention

“Wear a pigment inhibitor underneath sunscreen when going out in the sun to protect skin from darkening pigment or existing pigmentation getting any worse.”

Try: Simply Brilliant pigment inhibitor by Cosmedix RRP $68.65.

Get the glow of antioxidants

“As the weather heats up generally a less-is-more approach to makeup is better. To negate the need for heaps of makeup, increase the antioxidants in your skincare. Feeding your skin the right nutrients will pay off when you feel confident enough to go makeup free on the hottest of days.”

Try: CHE B17 RRP $95.60.

Body beautiful

“Don’t forget the skin on your body! As the temperatures soar we’re showing a lot more skin, so don’t be a victim of ‘bacne’ or unwanted dimples. Aside from exfoliation, invest in a body treatment moisturizer with AHAs which will chemically exfoliate dead skin cells, increase cell turnover and keep body skin clean, fresh and glowing, advises Furness. Also try a body tint with skin loving ingredients, suggests Furness. It will add a hint of colour, maintain a spray tan and keep skin hydrated.”

Try: PCA Body Therapy moisturizer with AHA RRP $103.40 and Youngblood Body Tint RRP $52.

Mineral makeup

“Switch to mineral makeup in the summer months. Its’ water resistant, oil absorbing particles and lasting power holds up against sun, sweat and oil, won’t clog pores, and you can layer the coverage from a natural look all the way up to full coverage and mineral makeup contains a natural UVA/UVB protective barrier.”

Try: Youngblood Mineral Loose Powder RRP $79.50.

What’s your favourite summer skincare product?

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