6 Ways To Be Healthier Everyday

February 22, 2012

Wouldn’t we all love to be just a little healthier? Pam Stone, Blackmore’s Director of Education, has developed 6 tips to help us incorporate healthy nutrients into our daily diets.

1. Eat coloured foods

Nutrients are generally found in coloured foods, so incorporating a variety of fruits and vegetables of the seven different colour groups is an easy way to measure your intake. The seven colour groups are: red, orange-yellow, orange, red-purple, white-green, green and yellow-green.

2. Take a supplement

To complement a healthy diet, a supplement like Blackmores’ NutriMulti™ + Wholefood Nutrients can offer an additional boost of vitamins and minerals for more complete nutritional support.

3. Eat seasonally

Eat what is fresh and in season, Mother Nature knows what we need and when we need it. For example, oranges that are high in Vitamin C, a known immunity booster, are ripe and in season during winter when many of us are prone to colds and flu.

4. Think 5+2

Try and maintain at least five serves of vegetables and two serves of fruit each day to maintain a healthy nutrient intake.

5. Go dark

The darker the colour, the richer the nutrients of the fruit or vegetable so opt for dark vegetables like spinach and beetroot to reap the most benefit. Colour, variety and freshness can be used as a guide to getting the whole food nutrients your body uses for health and wellbeing.

6. Get creative with vegetables

Eating vegetables need not be boring, in the age of the celebrity chef cook books, there are plenty of delicious healthy recipes around, so have some fun!

What is your best tip for staying healthy?

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