6 Ways To Keep The Kilos Off This Autumn

March 12, 2012

Now that temperatures are falling, it’s easy to fall for comfort food and hibernating indoors. In fact, statistics reveal the average Australian adult gains over 0.5 kilograms during winter. But IsoWhey brand ambassador and nutritionist Zoe Bingley-Pullin shares her top 6 secrets to avoiding the extra kilos during the cooler months.

“Winter is infamous for weight gain, however there is no valid reason to justify putting your body through these unhealthy fluctuations, particularly in Australia where our winters are relatively mild,’ says Bingley-Pullin.

“One of the main reasons people fall victim to winter weight gain is because they make excuses to move less. It is vital that you don’t give yourself psychological permission to compromise your body’s health and wellness in the cooler months.”

1. Choose comfort foods wisely

A healthy lamb or beef stew is a wonderful comfort food that is both warm and nourishing. Make extra quantities and freeze for future meals.

2. Keep hydrated

Homemade herbal teas are quick and easy to prepare and will keep your body warm and well hydrated over winter.

3. Maintain a regular exercise routine

Get your body’s temperature soaring with some great winter exercise alternatives such as Bikram or Power Yoga.

4. Recruit a support team

A recent study reported in The New England Journal of Medicine found dramatic improvements to weight loss when people had access to professional intervention. Access a free weight loss support network at www.IsoWhey.com.au – including the guidance of an online trainer and personal chef.

5. Get some sunlight

A brief lunchtime walk can work wonders for energy levels and weight, as well as your all-important vitamin D status. Sunlight is also vital to optimise your mood.

6. Set challenges and celebrate successes

Make a realistic plan, get excited and if you achieve your goals, why not reward yourself with a non-food related reward such as a massage?

How do you motivate yourself to keep fit and healthy during the cooler months?

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