7 Books Every Feminist Needs To Read This Year

Nadia Bokody


There’s not a Harry Potter nor a Christian Grey to be found in any of these books. They won’t transport you to fantastical universes or lead you to a mind-blowing twist ending. What they will do though, is remind you of what it really means to be a woman in this modern, crazy age.

These are not the complex highly political yawn-fests that have turned many a willing feminist away. Instead, they’re fun, witty, insanely clever takes on womanhood and all that comes with it, written by the sassiest bunch of girl heroes around. Prepare to be inspired and empowered.

1. Yes Please, Amy Poehler


If you aren’t already in love with Poehler and her nutty brand of wit, prepare to fall head over heels. Yes Please is a journey into dreaming big, and by the time you’ve finished it, you’ll be certain anything is possible.

2. Vagina, Naomi Wolf


Wolfe penned Vagina after suffering an injury that left her unable to experience satisfying sex with her partner, and lead her on a quest to discover the vagina’s link to the brain. The book addresses issues like the impact of sexual violence on synapses in the brain, how derogatory statements about a woman’s body can affect her ability to thrive and delves into questioning what ultimately creates true sexual empowerment.

3. The Wife Drought, Annabel Crabb


In this clever exploration of the life of the modern working mother, Crabb poses the ultimate question, ‘Wouldn’t it be easier if we had wives?’ examining whether we could have it all if we only had a little more help with all the day-to-day stresses we often readily take on for our partners, like housework and errand running. Prepare for some major ‘ah-ha’ moments.

4. How To Build A Girl, Caitlin Moran


A brutally honest, darkly humorous read that will make you laugh and cry all at once, Moran’s How To Build A Girl is a coming-of-age story about the author’s life growing up and discovering what womanhood is all about. So insightfully written and full of that-is-so-me moments, you’ll struggle to put this one down once you start it.

5. Men Explain Things To Me, Rebecca Solnit


An extremely relatable read filled with plenty of wry humour and common sense advice on dealing with everyday sexism that examines the modern phenomenon of mansplaining and exactly how to shut it down like a true girl hero.

6. Babygate, Dina Bakst, Phoebe Taubman & Elizabeth Gedmark


The book that every woman who’s ever dealt with workplace prejudice as a result of being pregnant has been waiting for, this collection of short essays, quizzes and case studies looks at how businesses discriminate against women for building and taking care of their families, and what you can do about it.

7. We Should All Be Feminists, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie


One of the most intelligent reads you’ll pick up this year, Adichie eloquently addresses why gender shouldn’t be a catalyst for determining how to raise a child in this thought-provoking book on modern feminism. Examining issues like sexual violence and the insidious nature of everyday sexism, her message is uplifting and will inspire you to go forth and change the world.

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