7 Day Detox Diet

June 14, 2013

Thinking of doing a detox for weight loss? Forget soup or lemon detoxes – this 7 day detox diet is healthy and easy to stick to. Plus try our juice detox recipes.

Drink lemon juice in the morning<BR
Instead of doing a lemon detox, start each day by drinking hot water and lemon. It cleanses the system and kickstarts your digestive system. Add the juice of half a lemon to a cup of hot water. Drink this on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning.


Do 1 hour of exercise daily during the detox week. Do any exercise that makes you puff and pant, and makes you sweat more than usual like walking uphill, jogging or yoga. High intensity exercise increases circulation and lymph flow that helps release toxins via sweat. Plus after a week of exercise, this should kickstart your fitness regime going forward.

Eat raw foods

Eat mostly raw foods during your detox diet week. Uncooked foods are rich in enzymes and nutrients. You can add fresh sprouts to your salad for that extra energy.

Mental detox

While you are doing your detox diet, do a little mind detox too. Declutter the mind with daily, 15 minute meditations. If you are not familiar with meditation try belly breathing first. Place the palms of your hands onto your lower belly and breathe in and out through your nose, slowly to 3-4 counts. Do this for 15 minutes for best results.


Drink at least 3 litres of water every day. It will support kidney detoxification and help the lymph. In addition, drink fresh vegetables juices and white or green tea. You can also make your own detox tea by adding red clover, burdock, calendula, cleavers, nettle and dandelion roots. Just add 1 teaspoon of these herbs to a cup of boiling water and steep it for 15 minutes, strain and drink.

Brush your body

Regular body brushing increases skin detoxification and supports better circulation. Use natural fibre body brush or loofah, and brush in circular strokes before you hop in the shower. Start brushing from the feet then move upwards, to the legs and under arms. Avoid the face, throat and other delicate areas. After brushing take a quick tepid shower and finish it off by a cold water burst that helps in blood circulation.

Chewing properly

Chew at least 12 times before swallowing your food. This slows down your eating and helps you to be mindful of what you are eating which helps boosts your digestion and curbs overeating.

Juice detox recipes

Carrot With A Kick

3 carrots

1 cucumber

½ large beetroot

½ lemon (including peel)

5cm ginger

Better Than Tomato Juice

2 tomatoes

Handful spinach leaves

2 radishes

4 parsley sprigs

½ lemon (including peel)

Veggie Mix

3 carrots

2 celery stalks

½ large beetroot

2 broccoli florets

½ lemon (including peel)

Note: Do not detox if you are underweight, breastfeeding, pregnant, elderly or against a doctor’s recommendation.

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