7 Easy Valentine’s Day Desserts That’ll Turn Your Tastebuds On

February 1, 2017

Because we might be romantic, but we’re also lazy AF.

It’s just a couple of weeks till Valentine’s Day; and whether you’re planning on spending it loved up, crying alone into a tub of ice-cream ’cause you’re single AF, or giving the day the ultimate eff you by getting hammered with your girlfriends in true Leslie Knope Galentine’s Day style, there’s no denying sugar and February 14 go hand-in-hand.

So regardless of whether you plan on sharing these treats with your bae, your best girlfriends or scoffing them all yourself while watching Jamie Dornan finger Dakota Johnson in a lift in the new 50 Shades Darker flick, these easy, lazy girl desserts that are so low on the effort scale it’s criminal, deserve a spot on your recipe list for the most romantic day of the year…

1. These loved-up brownies.


Effort level: Considering this recipe’s essentially a Betty Crocker packet brownie mix with some fancy toppings, you should definitely not break a sweat whipping these up. (Full recipe here.)

2. These tickled pink treats.


Effort level: These are so easy to make it’s kind of surprising how good the end result looks and tastes. (Full recipe here.)

3. This tasty trifle.


Effort level: This impressive assembly-based dish is surprisingly easy to pull off. Just layer everything in and you’re good to go. (Full recipe here.)

4. This crush-worthy candy.


Effort level: These candies admittedly take a bit more fiddling about to begin with, but the end result is well worth the extra effort – they make for a seriously cheap but fancy looking gift, too. (Full recipe here.)

5. These adorable bubbly pops.


Effort level: You could pretty much make these no-fuss rice bubble cereal based pops in the dark. With a hangover. That’s how freakin’ easy they are to pull together. (Full recipe here.)

6. This raunchy red velvet bundt cake.


Effort level: Okay, so this one takes a little more time and energy to make, but the combo of red velvet cake and cream cheese filling is so incredibly sexy, it’s worth it for VDay. (Full recipe here.)

7. These flirty frosted sugar cookie bars.


Effort level: There’s a bit of bake time involved here, but no complicated ingredients or processes, and the finished product may just be the most orgasmic thing you’ll experience this Valentine’s Day. (Full recipe here.)

Images and recipes via pinterest.com.

Comment: Do you have a go-to easy dessert recipe? Share it with us!


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