7 Embarrassingly Outdated Style Rules You Need To Break Today

February 23, 2016

Rules are there to be broken.

Fashion trends come and go, but fashion rules never seem to change.

For some reason, generations of women have been taught random principles, such as to steer away from pink and orange, stick to just one pattern, and never combine gold and silver jewellery – as though there were a god (or, rather, goddess) of fashion deciding what’s right and what’s wrong. For the most part, we’ve followed this guide, but it’s time to break the following fashion rules…

1. Mixing patterns


The rule: Never mix patterns. Back in more conservative times, combining different patterns and prints was regarded as too wild and, to this day, most people wouldn’t dare wearing more than one pattern.

How to break it: Stick to no more than two different patterns and make sure the colors are similar.

2. Sneakers


The rule: Don’t wear sneakers with skirts or dresses. Many believe the sportiness of sneakers clashes with the femininity of dresses and skirts.

How to break it: Leave your bulky running shoes in your gym bag and opt for all-white sneakers with a slim sole when combining them with anything other than pants.

3. Double denim


The rule: Never wear double denim. Wearing head-to-toe denim has been a cardinal sin ever since Britney and Justin took it too far in 2001.

How to break it: The key is to wear different denim shades. Combine a light-blue denim shirt with darker jeans to avoid looking like a cowgirl.

4. Jewellery


The rule: Never combine gold and silver jewellery – a classic rule our mothers taught us. Some people even believe it is bad luck to mix gold and silver.

How to break it: Just do it! There is seriously no reason you can’t combine gold and silver, and while you’re at it, throw some rose gold in there too. The more, the merrier.

5. All white


The rule: White outfits are for Summer. People tend to dress in darker shades in winter, compared to warmer seasons, and white is considered to be a Summer-only hue.

How to break it: Get a white Winter coat and style the rest of your outfit around it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with blending in with the snow.

6. Socks in sandals


The rule: Don’t wear socks in open-toe shoes. This phobia of visible socks probably derives from the sight of middle-aged men wearing socks in Birkenstocks.

How to break it: This one’s a bit tricky, as not every shoe looks good with socks. The way to nail it is to choose thin socks in a similar shade to your shoe – that way they won’t stand out as much.

7. Pink and orange


The rule: Never wear pink and orange together; for some reason, people have an irrational fear of combining the two vibrant shades.

How to break it: Taylor Swift did it and absolutely rocked it. Enough said.

Images via tumblr.com.

Comment: What fashion faux pas can you not stand the sight of?

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