7 Fashion Lines That Have Cute AF Clothes For Curvy Girls

August 1, 2016

Rock that body.

Our fatphobic culture is out of control. Ever since society decided to define ‘plus size’ as anything from a size 6 upwards, shopping has become a depressing affair for most of us. It’s great that there are so many options for pin-thin girls, and if you’re naturally tiny you should definitely flaunt it. But for the rest of us (read: those with thighs that will never fit into size zero skinny jeans, no matter how many celery sticks we consume or how much CrossFit we do), it’s becoming increasingly frustrating to find stores with on-trend clothes that show off our curvy bods.

Thankfully, a few online retailers have taken note. These seven stores have clothes for every shape and size – and they are hot AF. Warning: browsing any of the following sites will result in a call from your credit card company to flag unusual activity…



ASOS uses real curvy girls (read: not catwalk models) to model its plus-size range so you get a really good idea of how particular pieces will look on you if you sport a curvier frame. Check out ASOS’ latest range here.

2. Boohoo


Boohoo ships globally, its sizes are usually pretty reliable, and it has a collection of clothing, ranging from casual to formal, at really reasonable prices. Check out Boohoo’s latest range here.

3. Forever 21


Forever 21 ships to heaps of countries, its models are genuinely curvier girls and its clothes are really cute and quite cheap. Better still, it also sells swimwear and activewear for curvy girls. Hoorah! Check out Forever 21’s latest range here.

4. Missguided


Missguided ships globally and has a super on-trend line dedicated to curvy ladies. To find it, go to your country’s site and find ‘plus size’ in the clothing tab. Check out Missguided’s latest range here.

5. Torrid


Torrid ships internationally and has really unique clothes, including a pop-culture collection and a stunning range of lingerie, activewear and even shoes with larger widths, ensuring every body type is covered. Check out Torrid’s latest range here.

6. ModCloth


ModCloth ships internationally and has a plus-size section to die for, with cute retro-inspired geek-chic clothes (like a cat tee that says “Cats? Bookstores? Life is sweet”). Super. Cute. Check out ModCloth’s latest range here.

7. City Chic


City Chic ships globally and is exclusively plus-size (from size 10 to 20) with a focus on cute party dresses and sexy outfits to hit the town in. The pieces are on the exxy side, but it’s so worth the splurge. It also does some of the best apple bottom jeans around. Check out City Chic’s latest range here.

Comment: What’s your go-to store for super-cute clothes?


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