7 Gifts Your Newborn Baby Doesn’t Need

July 28, 2014
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As a first-time parent, you’ve become the baby gear galore’s marketing dream. There’s a huge list of ‘essential’ items and before you know it, money is just slipping away. There’s no denying how expensive babies are – and they cost more than enough without having to buy all this additional stuff too.

Soon you find yourself asking “how can one tiny baby possibly need all this stuff!?” No doubt you simply want to do what’s best for your newborn, but the reality is you don’t need to be stocked up with countless purchases to accommodate the arrival. Take the clutter out of your baby’s homecoming and make sure your nursery is only filled with the ‘must have’s’! Here’s a list of items your baby doesn’t need:

1. Shoes

Until they start to stand and walk babies have no real need for shoes, and most of the time they barely stay on anyway. Before you know it, you’ll have all the time in the world to buy those adorable sets of kicks – but as for tiny newborns slip those little feet into socks for warmth instead or ugg-boot type booties. As your baby starts to experiment with toddling around your home, bare feet or socks is actually much healthier for their development.

2. Oodles of stuffed toys

Whilst every newborn baby defiantly needs a cuddly teddy bear or two, you don’t need to spend a fortune on making sure they have every soft toy on the market. The ultimate toy for a newborn is your company, face and voice which serve as a stimulating entertainment session they actually need. As your newborn gets older (around 6 months is good), stuffed toys become necessary – until then, save your money. An overload on cuddly animals and bears as a newborn can also pose as a SIDS risk, another important reason to consider.

3. Fancy designer clothes

Sure, you want your baby to look stylish and amazing but at such a young age, it’s best to resist the urge to go on an expensive shopping spree. Buying baby designer clothes may look extremely cute but it’s inevitable your newborn will outgrow them in the next week or two. Not to mention all the spills, drool and diaper blowouts that’ll get in the way.

4. A baby bath

A big spending mistake first-time parents make is buying a baby bath when in fact; your house already comes with one. Yes – a sink! Believe it not, your sink in your laundry is actually the perfect baby bath for your newborn. Whilst it may not come with cute little ducks printed on it, it’s not going to cost you any extra.

As with designer clothes, a newborn baby will undoubtedly grow out of a baby bath pretty quickly. Utilising sinks in your home and then upgrading to the bath tub is a much more ideal and cheaper option. If you want to ‘prettify’ the sink, you can use fun wall stickers above the area for your baby to coo at and throw a rubber duckie into the sink too.

5. Expensive baby bedding

Sure you want your newborn to be sleeping in super comfy bedding, but it doesn’t need to cost you and arm and a leg. Some baby bedding sets can cost hundreds and at the end of the day, they’re just going to be ruined and washed over and over again. Many parents are drawn to the cute fluffiness of baby bedding and will spend a fortune on adorable patterns. Few of these though are actually safe and appropriate though as they pose a risk to your sleeping baby with their fleecy texture and risk of overheating. Instead, opt for thinner receiving blankets or swaddling blankets that’ll wrap your baby like a safe little burrito.

6. Changing table

As with the baby bath, your home already comes complete with your very own changing table. If your home is lacking room as it is, there’s really no use in adding another piece of furniture you’re not going to need – save your money and space! A dresser, living room table or mat on the floor can be converted into the perfect changing table for your baby. Purchase an easy-to-clean changing pad that can effectively turn almost any nook in your home into an instant changing table. Depending on which one you choose, most changing pads come complete with a safety strap and nappy storage for convenience.

7. Bottle warmer

A bottle warmer may be convenient, but it’s definitely not an essential item you’re going to need for your newborn baby. With good reason too – many parents aren’t too keen on heating a bottle up in the microwave (and we wouldn’t recommend this) but you do have hot water that’s more than suitable. Instead, sit the bottle in a pot of warming water. After a few minutes test the contents of the bottle (usually on the wrist as this is a sensitive place) and once it’s at a good temperature you can feed it to your baby. As long as you have brought the real essentials (baby bottles!), you can safely warm up a bottle without using a pricey bottle warmer.

By Corina Mentink, director of Boxt.com.au, a leading online provider of hampers, balloons and gift delivery in Australia. Connect with Corina on LinkedIn

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