7 Girly Cocktails To Make At Home

July 11, 2014
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There’s nothing better than inviting some friends over for a few drinks and introducing them to the latest cocktail from a Pinterest-induced browsing spree which you just can’t get out of your head. Stock up at the supermarket, buy some yummy fruits and invite your friends over for a quiet night in.

1. Watermelon Margarita

We can’t go past a traditional margarita, but we’re adding a sugary twist to this classic recipe. All you need is a few watermelon pieces, lime and the rest is history. This cocktail is smooth, sweet and super easy to blend-up and prepare for guests.

2. Cucumber, Lime and Mint Gin and Tonic

A classic drink served with a cucumber for a splash of fresh flavour. Simply chop up cucumbers extra thin and serve with Bombay Sapphire and a few mint leaves to taste.

3. Coconut Mojito

For those who love the sugar-induced taste of a classic mojito, definitely try this cocktail which will surely transport you back to better weather. Will take only 10 minutes to prepare, and make sure to use fresh mint and lime for a genuine flavour.

4. Champagne Cocktails

Finally an excuse to break open the bottle of Veuve Clicquot you have stored in the pantry, for a delicious cocktail which all are sure to enjoy. Pour 1 part St. Germain liqueur to 2 parts champagne and garnish with orange zest. Yum!

5. Blushing Whiskey Sour

There’s always one person in the group who loves the sour but sweet taste of whiskey, and this cocktail is definitely made just for them. Give the drink a girly twist by adding in some lemon syrup and shaking it up before dropping in a blackberry for presentation, Instagram-worthy!

6. Grapefruit-sage Mimosa

Or otherwise referred to as the perfect weekend cocktail, the pinch of grapefruit gives the drink a bittersweet taste which is totally uncommon when mixed together with sage. Feel free to use a rosé-induced champagne for an extra splash of sweetness.

7. Fig Thyme Cocktail

There’s just something delicious about figs which goes hand-in-hand with even the easiest to make cocktail recipes. This unusual recipe uses Cointreau, lime juice, pisco and a splash of thyme syrup for a super-sweet drink.

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