7 Gradient Manicures You Need To Try Right Now

February 20, 2018

So subtle, yet so stunning.

I’m a low-maintenance mani kind of girl, with more glam aspirations.

And I think the current nail trends might have been created just for me! Every issue I have with manicures seems to be addressed by the hottest new mani trends, like the negative space look and little Valentine hearts and flowers.

And now the gradient manicure is yet another that says me, me, me! (Okay, and you, you, you too!) So why am I so bananas over the gradient trend? Okay, first let’s define it…

A gradient mani is two or more colors blending into each other on the same nail. (FYI, ombre nails are when there’s a gradation of colors taking place from one nail to another; a French mani is two contrasting shades on one nail, traditionally with white at the tips. And a reverse French mani, well, reverses that.) That’s all awesome, but I’m getting off topic here. Let’s get back to gradient manis, particularly where the bottom is nude or clear.

These are in demand at RounGe NYC, a trendsetting nail salon located in the Gramercy Park area of New York City.

“With a clear-based gradient design, nail growth is barely noticeable, as long as the bottom is clear, so people are able to keep their designs for even longer,” RounGe tells me. Here are seven of their most popular looks…

1. Gem dandy

These gold adornments are perfectly in tune with the current craze for everything metallic, but the nude polish beneath will conceal nail growth in the true spirit of a gradient mani.

2. Shape shifter

This artistic look combines pretty swirls, a bit of bedazzling, and a neutral lower half.

3. Rainbow bright

No more shedding of unicorn tears because your sparkly, bright, on-trend unicorn mani (with a magical sprinkling of gold) grows out too fast.

4. Frozen in time

This delicately wintry mani brings Anna and Elsa to mind (however, the polish will not last as long as winter because as us New Yorkers can tell you, winter apparently goes on forever.)

5. Gold dust

These metallic gradient nails are totally in season, because the forecast for 2018 beauty is very glittery.

6. Tinker Bell approved

Another mani that’s perfectly in keeping with 2018’s shimmery outlook features stars, the occasional pearl, and what looks to me like authentic pixie dust.

7. Sparkle motion

This creamy, dreamy look is perfect for shimmering during your chosen festivities (a wedding, maybe?!) but also if you just feel like lighting up with world with your nails.

Images courtesy of RounGe NYC. Featured image via shutterstock.com.

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