7 Hacks For Growing Your Hair Super Long

March 5, 2018

And doing it, like, super fast.

Akin to watching paint dry, there’s a long, tedious lapse in between deciding “I’m going to grow my hair out!” and then actually having longer hair.

It’s not like cutting all your hair off, which is instant gratification to the max. No, growing out your hair can seem like it goes on forever. But there are actually things you can do to speed up the process. Bonus: your longer locks will be healthier, too!

Start with the basics and don’t do anything to actually harm your hair. Bleaching it, going nuts with the flat iron or blow dryer, subjecting your strands to a harsh process like chemical straightening — all of this will lead to damaged hair and, say it with me, damaged hair does not grow fast. Here are seven ways you can get your hair super-long, super-fast (or at least as quickly as possible).

1. Trim it

It might seem counterintuitive to cut your hair when you want to grow it, but you’ve got to stay ahead of those split ends — which can actually make your hair shorter.

2. Loosen up

While you may be flummoxed by your growing-out layers, don’t try to solve the issue by yanking your hair back into a super-tight ponytail or braids, which can seriously damage your hair; go for softer, loser styles.

3. Rest your head on silk

While you’re shopping around for just the right sleep-improving pillow, don’t forget to encase that pillow in silk, which will be softer on your sleeping locks; cotton can get your hair all tangled

4. Eat well

Growing your hair out is just as much about what you put into your body as what you put onto your head. There are lots of delicious and healthy foods out there that promote stronger, faster-growing hair (and nails, too!).

5. Use conditioner every day

Conditioner is important, whether you’re doing some leave-in, a luxurious masque, or just an everyday, putting-it-on-in-the-shower type thing, because conditioner hydrates and protects the hair.

6. …But not shampoo!

Shampooing your hair too much can strip it of its natural, nourishing oils as well as cause breakage from the act of rubbing all that shampoo in. So as nice as it might feel to work up a head of suds, don’t do it every day.

7. Rethink your towel

Wrapping your wet hair up in a towel can damage your hair and is a total no-no, unless you’ve invested in one that’s specially made to combat frizz and breakage, like the DevaCurl Anti-Frizz Microfiber towel.

Images via giphy.com, shutterstock.com.

Comment: What’s your hack for making your hair grow super long?

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