7 Hair and Beauty Hacks For Your Wedding Day

Felicia Sapountzis

Calling all soon-to-be brides! Look your very best on your wedding by incorporating a few of our secret beauty hacks for the big day. Focusing mainly on hair, makeup, and skincare this post is entirely dedicated to making you look and feel your best on the most important day of your life.

1. Facial scrub

Use a mild facial scrub 2-3 days before your wedding, since this will help to cure your skin of any impending dry patches. Choose a product which is specially formulated to your skin tone, which won’t dry out your skin, or break you out before the wedding.

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2. Moisturise

Keep the skin on your face and the rest of you body heavily moisturised. Concentrate the cream into problem areas such as eyebrows, t-zone, elbows, knees, ankles and feet. Keeping your skin hydrated is the best way to avoid stubborn dry patches which could compromise a flawless base and an even fake tan.

3. Puffy eyes

Keep puffy eyes in control by using a face mask in the lead up to your wedding day. Use a moisture boosting face mask which will help to diminish any puffiness under your eyes, and leave the rest of your skin looking and feeling hydrated. Alternatively, you can also place 2 frozen spoons over your eyes to de-puff on the eve of your wedding.

4. Deep-conditioner

A few days before your wedding, use a deep-conditioning hair mask which will lock in moisture and keep your hair looking smooth and shiny. There are many homemade masks you can prepare yourself, which are natural and still offer great results. Honey, chamomile and avocado are all fantastic ingredients you can add into your own mask.

5. Pimples

If you see a spot or bump showing up on your skin, don’t freak out and definitely don’t pop it yourself. If it’s small, just apply a small amount of toothpaste over the infected area. The best way to do this is with a cotton tip, which won’t get any product on the rest of your face. Although some women prefer to leave this on overnight, 1 hour should be enough to wipe away the pimple completely.

6. Face serum

Start using facial oils just a few nights a week as part of your night time routine. Focus the serum on your forehead, chin and cheeks making sure to use 1-2 drops for these areas. Don’t forget about the neck – always swipe up when using skincare products to avoid premature wrinkles. Serums are great since they help control oil, and fix uneven skin tones.

7. Trim your hair

Go into your usual hairdresser and ask for a trim which will help to eliminate any nasty split ends from your hair. Now is not the time to be adventurous and switch up your entire hairstyle, since it may be difficult to manage by the time your wedding day arrives.

Image via New Orleans Wedding Photography