7 Halloween Nail Art Ideas That Are Evil Genius

October 20, 2015

For frighteningly fab digits. 

Lets face it, who has time to think of an original spooky Halloween costume each year? Trawling the stores for the perfect outfit is a time and money drain I, for one, can not afford. But being the resourceful type I am, I’ve come up with a way to look equally as fetch without parting with a single penny this spooky season: statement nails.

As seen on the likes of Katy Perry, RiRi and just about every beauty Instagrammer who ever lived, nail art is the hottest way to step up your look in seconds. All you need are a few of your fave polishes, nail art pens, and a bottle of acetone to try some of these scene-stealing styles at home…

1. The slasher

7 Halloween Nail Art Ideas That Are Evil Genius

Talk about an effortless manicure. Simply file your nails, then add two coats of white polish over the top. Cover your skin with tissue or sticky tape, then use a paint brush with a good dollop of polish on it, draped over the top of the nail, which should be held upright, to create the effect of dripping blood from the tip. Keep a hairdryer on hand to speed up the process, it’ll also help thin out the polish so it drips more! (Full instructions here)

2. Graveyard chic

7 Halloween Nail Art Ideas That Are Evil Genius

This one doesn’t have to be done by hand, don’t worry! Use tiny stickers you can pick up at most dollar stores attached to the tip of each nail, then trim with manicure scissors. To keep the stickers in place, apply one layer of top coat then leave to air-dry. Or, to do the designs yourself, opt for a single figure on each nail, like a cat’s head, creating the outline in black marker first so you’ve got a stencil to work with, then simply filling in with your regular black polish. (Full instructions here)

3. Creepy cobwebs


Give your classic manicure a Halloween-themed twist with this fun look which is so easy to create. Use a white or black nail art pen to carefully draw the cobwebs, starting from the inner corner of each nail. Any mistakes can be easily wiped off, or covered with black nail varnish. (Full instructions here)

4. Poison apple

7 Halloween Nail Art Ideas That Are Evil Genius

What could be better than matte poison apple inspired nails? Not much! Try this super-simple gradient effect by combining both colours at the centre of your nail bed using a small makeup sponge, then use a matte top coat to set it all in place when you’re happy with the gradient effect. (Full instructions here)

5. In stitches

7 Halloween Nail Art Ideas That Are Evil Genius

Calling all women with super long nails, this design is perfect for you. Keep your base minimal with a neutral tone, then do a reverse french tip with an orange shade by masking off the rest of your nail with tape once dry then painting the tips, using the tape as a stencil. Allow to set then use a nail art pen or fine-tipped black marker to draw the stitches over the tips of your nails by first drawing a line along the bottom edge of your orange tip and then running lots of small vertical lines through it to create a stitch-like effect. (Full instructions here)

6. Creepy skeleton


For the ultimate nail artist, the creepy skeleton should definitely be a challenge. Use a stencil to carefully copy the design onto your nails, then fill in the empty spots with a brush or nail art pen. Feel free to use stick-on nails if yours are on the shorter side. (Full instructions here)

7. Pumpkin speckled

7 Halloween Nail Art Ideas That Are Evil Genius

Nothing says Halloween more than pumpkin-orange nails, and this cute cat motif is really on trend. If mastering the cat proves to be a disaster, paw prints are a safe way to easily finish off the look and can be achieved by simply drawing a large dot in the centre of each nail, then placing three tiny dots above it to create the look of a cat’s foot. Cute and creepy! (Full instructions here)

Images via thenailtrail.com.au, rina-alcantara.com, Instagram, beautythere.com, beautyhigh.com, buzzfeed.com, glamradar.com

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