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7 Important Hair Care Hacks

7 Important Hair Care Hacks

As women, we’re always looking for new and creative ways to make the most out of beauty and haircare products. If you want to learn a few tricks which will change your hair for the better, keep reading to find out some of our simple haircare hacks.

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Hack #1: Shiny hair

The secret to healthy looking hair doesn’t come from a Keratin treatment or even from a good cut and colour. An inexpensive tub of coconut oil is enough to make your hair look and feel amazing.

Simply apply all over (even on your scalp) and leave for 1 hour before washing out with shampoo. If your hair is in need of a deep-conditioning treatment, leave-on overnight for best results.

Hack #2: Long-lasting colour

To keep your colour from losing it’s shine, rinse hair in cold water before stepping out of the shower. Sometimes too much exposure to hot water can make coloured hair lose it’s brightness, especially if your hair is blonde.

Hack #3: Straighten hair without heat

Create this easy hair mask the next time you need a sleek hair-do without the added heat. Mix one cup of water, 2 tablespoons of brown sugar and spray into damp hair. Leave it to hair dry, and you will have straight hair in no-time!

Hack #4: Easy curls

Avoid spending hours curling your hair by doing this simple trick. Part your hair down the middle and create 2 braids. Then lightly go over each braid with a hair straightener. Remove the elastic band and your hair should have perfect curls!

Hack #5: Longer hair

Massage aloe vera into your hair and scalp every night to stimulate the hair follicles. Leave in for up to one hour before washing off, then rinse with warm water and allow hair to air dry.

Hack #6: Bobby pins

Did you know that the correct way to use your bobby pins is with the wavy part down? This ensures that your hair will actually stay on for longer, and won’t fall out!

Hack #7: Flyaways

Control your flyaways by first spraying your hands with a bit of hairspray. Then carefully pat down any stray hairs to avoid that sticky, crunchy feeling of using way too much hair product.

Do you have any haircare hacks of your own? Share with us in the comments below.

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