7 Addictive Feminist Shows To Binge-Watch These Holidays

December 12, 2015

Put on your comfiest sweats and grab the biggest bowl of popcorn you can.

Everyone, and I mean everyone I know is looking forward to the holidays. Finally, a chance to eat what we want, put our feet up, and do absolutely nothing but drink homemade Christmas cocktails for at least a few days.

But what to do with all that free time? More to the point, what TV series do we surrender to watching for 10 hours a day?! Well, rather than watch countless commercial rom-coms portraying the most generic, male-conceived female characters ever, how about binge-watching these seven kick-ass feminist shows on Netflix and Hulu? From superheros to sex experts, there really is something for everyone…

1. Orange Is The New Black, Season 3

Watch it on: Netflix

If you haven’t seen OITNB yet, these holidays are your chance to binge watch the show that’s had the rest of us addicted. With a female-led cast of brilliant, quirky, and downright terrifying characters who prove life behind bars is more drama-filled than an ep of KUWTK, you’ll be hooked.

Spoiler alert: Season three sees a seriously steamy romance blossom involving Ruby Rose as a guest star, as well as a birth and the initiation of a bizarre business venture involving used underwear.

2. Inside Amy Schumer, Season 2

Watch it on: Hulu

Schumer is at her absolute best in this hilarious, unapologetically feminist sketch show which pulls out more zingers than most of us have eaten in a lifetime of KFC visits. She’s also on fire poking holes left, right and centre in sexist double standards in on point sketches such as ‘I’m Sorry‘ and ‘I’m So Bad’ which address the way women are conditioned to feel perpetually guilty in a highly comical fashion that’ll make you have multiple ah-ha moments.

Spoiler alert: This show gets better as it keeps going. By the time you’ve finished watching, you’ll want to adopt Amy as your BFF.

3. Masters of Sex, Season 3

Watch it on: Hulu

Masters of Sex could easily be described as the most feminist show on TV. Written by women, about women, the creative team made a pact that every single sex scene (and there are a lot) would never be just about sex; they’d all be inherently connected to storytelling. Translation: no objectifying women for the sake of the men watching at home. What could be more feminist than that?

Spoiler alert: Season 3 sees a shock revelation around a pregnancy, an unexpected marriage and a backstabbing that puts all of Bill and Virginia’s work at risk.

4. Jessica Jones, Season 1

Watch it on: Netflix

In a refreshing change, rather than portraying female superheroes whose currency appears to be their sex appeal and ability to pull off skin-tight spandex, Jessica Jones (played by the brilliant Krysten Ritter from Breaking Bad) emerges as a prickly, hoodie-wearing heroine who conspicuously enjoys sex without being sexualized, drinks like a man and conveniently has superhuman strength from a childhood car accident.

Spolier alert: The loveable David Tennant who most of us know as the tenth Doctor from the Doctor Who series breaks bad as a terrifying villain who controls minds, with a horrifying bloodlust that’ll give you nightmares for weeks.

5. Master Of None, Season 1

Watch it on: Netflix

Don’t be deterred by the fact this show has been created, written and acted in by a male comedian. Proving male feminists are as hip as they are sexy, Park & Recreation star and series creator, Aziz Ansari dominates in this painfully honest look at life as a single 30 something living in New York. Skilfully poking comedic holes in sexist double standards whilst also shining a light on racism, ageism and shattering stereotypes as he goes, Ansari shines in this hilariously addictive series that’ll have you hooked from the get-go.

Spoiler alert: Anzari’s real-life parents make several appearances as his character Dev’s on-screen parents, and it’s truly beautiful to watch.

6. Grace and Frankie, Season 1

Watch it on: Netflix

Grab your bestie and some popcorn and sit back and enjoy the story of female friendship starring the always effervescent Jane Fonda and the comedic genius Lily Tomlin, who play polar opposite personalities who forge an unlikely bond when their husbands both confess to having an affair, with each other. Proving the power of true friendship to tower over adversity, this show will remind you of the importance of sisterhood and girl power.

Spoiler alert: Prepare for a shocking twist ending that’ll shake the characters relationships and leave you gagging for season 2.

7. Parks & Recreation, Season 7

Watch it on: Netflix

If you’ve somehow missed this utterly brilliant comedic TV masterpiece, these holidays are the perfect opportunity to discover why the world fell in love with the frighteningly enthusiastic Leslie Knope, played by the goddess that is Amy Poehler. With one-liners you’ll be using for the rest of your life, like, “I stand behind my decision to avoid salad and other disgusting things,” and “Treat yo’self!” you’ll be glad you got to know the kooky characters of the Pawnee Parks & Recreation department.

Spoiler alert: There’s tear-jerkers galore in season 7, which was devastatingly the series finale. Prepare to laugh till you cry, and cry till you laugh.

Videos via youtube.com.

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