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7 Non-Cliché Vodka Cocktail Ideas

7 Non-Cliché Vodka Cocktail Ideas

The standard vodka cocktail is always overdone, and we’re not even going to discuss a vodka lime and soda combination, which isn’t even an option in our books.

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Impress your friends and show off your skills with these vodka cocktails which taste amazing and are also unique!

Rosemary and lemon vodka fizz

Ingredients: vodka, rosemary syrup, sparkling water, rosemary

This tangy cocktail is infused with lemon and a sprig of rosemary for a unique taste, which everyone is sure to enjoy.

7 Non-Cliché Vodka Cocktail Ideas

Pink petal vodka

Ingredients: rose syrup, vodka, pink rose petals, rose water, tonic, pink food colouring

These pretty pink drinks are perfect for a girls night out, and taste delicious! If you don’t have any pink petals around, don’t worry, it still looks amazing for Instagram.

7 Non-Cliché Vodka Cocktail Ideas

Whipped vodka and club soda

Ingredients: club soda, whipped vodka, lime

Okay, well we may have lied about the vodka lime and soda, but this one is for the friend who always orders one! The taste is so much smoother, minus all the extra calories.

7 Non-Cliché Vodka Cocktail Ideas

Vodka, lemon and lavender cocktail

Ingredients: sugar cubes, cold water, vodka, lemon juice, lavender

If you’ve followed a few of our cocktail ideas before, then you probably know that lavender is a must-have for any pretty beverage. Combine the water, sugar and lavender in a saucepan over medium heat, and prepare the syrup for this tasty drink.

7 Non-Cliché Vodka Cocktail Ideas

Plum vodka spritzer

Ingredients: lemon plums, sugar, water, vodka, club soda

Use fresh plums for ultimate flavour and combine with cold water and smooth vodka for the ultimate summer cocktail.

7 Non-Cliché Vodka Cocktail Ideas

Bittersweet greyhound

Ingredients: grapefruit juice, vodka, campari, water, sugar

This one has already become our new favourite drink. It’s a great alternative to the vodka lime and cranberry combination. Sugar the rim of the glass for a kick of sweet and savoury flavour!

7 Non-Cliché Vodka Cocktail Ideas


Ingredients: arancello (lemon fizzy drink), vodka, oranges, sugar, water

This fabulous cocktail is technically cheating, since it’s a mix of liqueurs for the friend who can’t make up their mind! The result? A yummy infusion of sour arancello with smooth vodka.

7 Non-Cliché Vodka Cocktail Ideas

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