7 Pieces From The Balmain/H&M Collab To Pine For

October 30, 2015

I need you in my life like I need air.

If there was ever a time to declare the death of minimalist fashion, the showing of H&M’s latest collab with Balmain is it.

Say farewell to basic tees and staple fashion pieces like LBDs, ’cause this season is all about embellishments – the more elaborate, the better. And anything, literally, anything, goes. So prepare to fall in love and feel some very serious pangs in your next credit card bill because this may just be is Balmain’s greatest collection, ever. Here are seven of the designer’s show-stoppers that pulled at our heartstrings.

1. Balmain x H&M Dress, $549, available at H&M


This is an actual need, not a want. Seriously. You need this more than you need air to breathe.

2. Balmain x H&M Dress, $149, available at H&M


If this dress were a person it would be Channing Tatum, ’cause it’s making us feel all kinds of special things right now.

3. Balmain x H&M Dress, $649, available at H&M


Is it even an option to continue living your life without this dress in your wardrobe?!

4. Balmain x H&M Top, $129, available at H&M


If you can look at this top for more than ten seconds without wanting to buy it you deserve a bravery medal.

5. Balmain x H&M Top, $129, available at H&M


If it’s possible to develop a romantic attachment to a top, this may just be The One…

6. Balmain x H&M Pants, $99, available at H&M


Is there any actual point to getting out of bed in the morning if it’s not to shimmy into these need-it-now pants?

7. Balmain x H&M Jacket, $129, available at H&M



To view the full collection, head to hm.com.

Comment: Which pieces are you currently romantically longing for?

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