7 Reasons Why The Dad Bod Is Here To Stay

October 1, 2015
Dad Bod Here to Stay

Non threatening, pudgy in all the right places and nice to snuggle up to, what’s not to enjoy?

For those of you who have never experienced the grandeur of a Dad Bod in all its glory, quite simply, it is the result of a man who used to possess a six-pack but ended up drinking it and now looks like he swallowed a keg.

It’s time to throw away your dreams of one day marrying a sculpted model, because with the Dad Bod trend gaining traction fast, it looks like most of us are going to have to settle for a man who’s a little softer around the edges than our childhood dreams foresaw. Like it or not, its here to stay, but it’s not all bad news. If you’re not already convinced, here’s why…

1. It’s not intimidating


Hands up if you’ve found yourself staring at an ultimate hottie only to run for the hills when you make eye contact? Or ending up lost for words when a perfect 10 asks you for directions? Thanks to the Dad Bod’s teddy-bear-like approachability, there’s no need to worry any more.

2. It’s like a crystal ball into the future


Everyone knows your ripped 28 year-old BF is not going to keep that picture-perfect body forever. Now with the Dad Bod you know exactly what is in store for you over the next decade before you’ve even said “I do.”

3. It has serious cuddle factor


Guys with Dad Bods make the perfect cuddle buddies. Not only are they as soft as pillows, they also offer the additional benefit of being able to bond with you over their matching love handles.

4. Shredded abs are so last season


While the fitness trend is still a thing, there’s less pressure than ever now for men to head to the gym and keep their physiques in tip-top condition. Bulking and shredding has been replaced with walking to and from the pub and chucking the footy around with the boys with a beer in hand now qualifies as enough exercise for the week.

5. It’s humble


While  a rock-hard physique says dedication, it also screams self-obsessed and vain. (And let’s face it, we’re all sick of seeing those flexing photos on Tinder.) A Dad Bod conveys commitment to other more important responsibilities including a job, good food, and a loving girlfriend (i.e. you!). Hence, a good man has a good Dad Bod.

6. Celebs love it


All our fave famous men have welcomed the Dad Bod with open arms. Think Jon Hamm, Leonardo DiCaprio, Adam Sandler and Jason Segel in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. If these top dogs can rock the Dad Bod, it’s only fair the rest of mankind should be able to adopt the trend.

7. There are more important things…


Most mothers would prefer for their daughters find a wonderful loving man with a Dad Bod than a self absorbed gym junkie with a brain of brawn. Am I right, ladies?


Images via salon.com, monterecountryweekly.com, legionathletics.com, dailymail.co.uk, modajovemmasculina.com, crapwelike.wordpress.com and frustratednerd.com.

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