7 Reasons Why We Love Organic Wines

September 20, 2012

The SheSaid office is partial to a glass of wine (or two) and we’ve been choosing organic wines more often – here’s 7 good reasons to go organic next time you’re at the bottle shop.

1. Certified organic wine is a great conversation starter

It’s unique and has a story to tell. You can let people know that the grapes are not sprayed with any toxic chemicals and you don’t get a hangover after drinking organic wine! Because there is less preservative in the wine compared to non-organic wine.

2. Organic wine helps keep bees, ladybeetles, butterflies and harmless spiders alive

Because non-organic wine grapes are so heavily sprayed with pesticides they kill everything in their sight including beneficial insects like ladybeetles and bees which help preserve our biodiversity. As no poison is used the soil is allowed to thrive with earth worms and good bacteria…again harsh, toxic pesticides even kill earthworms that keep soil moist and healthy.

3. Certified organic wine doesn’t use any synthetic chemicals to grow the grapes

When you drink certified organic wine you know you are drinking just 100% natural fruit. Did you know that most non-organic wines can use over 100 chemical regulators, insecticides, fungicides and pesticides.

4. Certified organic wine is affordable but seems like a ‘more expensive’ present

When you give the gift of ‘certified organic wine’ people know they are getting something special and unique. But the truth is that certified organic wine is usually the same price as non-organic wine.

5. Certified organic wine doesn’t’ affect allergy and asthma sufferers

Many asthma and allergy sufferers can have their condition triggered by the sulphur dioxide in the wine. If you are sulphur sensitive then this isn’t a problem with certified organic wine as it only contains a quarter of what is normally used in non-organic wine.

6. Certified organic wines produce flavours that are cleaner, stronger, more vibrantly flavoured

Because no preservatives are used you actually taste the region or as wine folk would say the ‘terrain’ of where the grapes are grown. You actually ‘taste’ this because the wine isn’t altered with any added chemicals.

7. Certified organic wine is natural

Like organic food certified organic wine is guaranteed to have no genetically modified ingredients. This means you are drinking a wine that comes from grapes that are straight from nature and not genetically modified lab food.

Some of our favourite organic wines come from Tamburlaine in the NSW Hunter Valley, including the Sparkling Vintage Tamburlaine Blanc de Blanc (the perfect spring bubbly) and the 2011 Wine Lover Shiraz when we’re having steak.

Have you tried organic wines? What’s your favourite winery?

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