7 Reasons Why You Should Eat More Kale

May 30, 2013

From detoxifying your liver and protecting your heart to being packed with anti-aging properties, kale is one of our favourite superfoods. Here’s why you should eat more of it and how we love to eat it.

1. A natural cancer fighter

Kale contains an abundance of glucosinolate enzymes which stop cancer cells from becoming active and speeds up the removal of carcinogens from your system.

2. Anti-aging skincare

Kale is packed with vitamin C, which delivers a plethora of health benefits including few wrinkles and softer, firmer skin.

3. Detoxifies your liver and protects your heart

An anti-cancer compound found in kale helps your liver more efficiently remove toxins. Its high levels of fiber have been found to lower bad cholesterol.

4. Natural SPF

Kale contains the highest quantities of lutein and zeaxanthin – antioxidants that work from the inside out to act as natural sunscreen protection.

5. More iron than beef

Kale gives you more iron per calorie than beef (plus it’s packed with protein).

6. Non-dairy source of calcium

Kale supplies more calcium per calorie than milk.

7. Boosts your eyesight

EVen more so than carrots! One cup of kale provides 206% of your recommended daily allowance of vitamin A.

How we love to eat kale

Kale chips

Wash and thoroughly dry kale leaves. Tear into pieces and coat with olive oil, salt and pepper and roast at 200C for 15 minutes until crispy. Better than potato chips!

Kale salad

Massage kale leaves for a few minutes with olive oil, then cut into thin, julienned slices. Combine with chickpeas, walnuts and halved cherry tomatoes. Make a great side dish or lunch.

Kale juice

Kale is delicious blended into juices along with other nutrient-packed fruit and veggies. Try a green goddess juice, blending kale, cucumber, green apples and limes – yum!

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