7 Secrets to Improve Your Luck

April 1, 2001

  • Think you are lucky at all times Did you know that studies show that those who lead a charmed life actually think and believe in ways to get them what they want. More does actually happen to you if you are willing to go for opportunities.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Being a know-it-all may make you feel like a genius but you certainly don’t learn things. When you ask questions and seem more interested, the person will see you in a more positive light and feel better about themselves and hence go out of their way to help you.
  • Make other people feel special. Look at any modern slick leader and they will have this way of making people at ease and comfortable. The trick to being charismatic is not about being a good saleswoman but about making someone feel important.
  • Make your life look easy. Always control your self-doubt in public. Always prepare ahead for situations that make you nervous. Shrug off disappointments, knock-backs and minor set-backs.
  • Show you appreciate things Always send a handwritten note to thank someone, whether it’s for a dinner party, payrise or favour. Nothing is more powerful than the handwritten note in today’s busy world. People will see you in a very different light.
  • Always be generous. Help a friend, ask a neighbour in for a drink. If you are kind the favour will be returned.
  • Hang out with people you aspire to be. Whether they’re successful, rich, famous or well-read the more time you spend with your personal role models, the more you’ll learn about which qualities make them the ‘lucky’ ones.

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