7 Sex Toys You Never Knew You Needed In Your Life

October 21, 2016

Take your good feels to the next level…

Whether you’re in a relationship or single AF, sex is freaking awesome.

Kissing, foreplay, stimulation, orgasms, snuggling…it’s erotic and fun. On top of all of those things, it can also be a chance to explore your sexuality, as well as your partner’s. But while sex is fabulous on its own, without any bells and whistles, it’s nice to sometimes give those bells and whistles their moment to shine.

Don’t know where to start? Here are seven great choices for when you’re ready to start incorporating sex toys into your love life (real ones, not household items that can double as sex toys). If you’re game to give one of these babies a whirl, just remember sex toys are only as effective as the care you take when using them. Don’t forget to incorporate lube if needed and always thoroughly clean before and after use, and store out of direct sunlight (and preferably peeping eyes)…

1. GAGA VIBRATOR with Camera by Svakom


Go gaga over this modern spin on a ‘traditional’ vibrator. This silent, silicone toy is the world’s very first vibrator with an internal camera surrounded by strategically placed LED lights. While masturbating, your partner can literally see your excitement via FaceTime, thanks to a USB cable that syncs your solo sesh with your laptop. The Gaga Vibrator has even been dubbed the ‘Sex Selfie Stick.’ Don’t worry about wearing down the battery, because this baby is 100 per cent rechargeable. An hour-and-a-half charge gives you eight hours of fun time. Plus, it’s waterproof and has five powerful speeds. We all know vibrators are pretty groovy, but one with a camera takes it to the next level.

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2. ORA 2 by Lelo


This oral simulator is the only sex toy to win a Cannes Lion award. Ora 2’s product design landed the prestigious grand prize in 2014. Aside from its sexy design, it literally mimics cunnilingus. A rotating ball closely simulates a tongue when placed on the clitoris. Ten stimulation patterns keep things new and exciting. If you struggle with climaxing from oral sex, this toy may be exactly what you’re looking for. Once you get comfortable experiencing this sensation on your own, it may be easier to reach an orgasm with a partner.

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3. Liberator Heart Wedge


The Heart Wedge is a dense foam pillow that is designed to assist people in comfortably getting into different sexual positions. This pillow is firm, so it will keep its density through high-impact situations, while its pliability is easy to manipulate to your liking. Keep it clean by removing the velvet cover for easy washing. The wedge can take the strain off your lower back, making positions that were once thought impossible now possible. And not to worry – if you’re in a sexual slump, your toy won’t go unused. You can also use it as a regular pillow or as a yoga block to help you nail that half-moon pose. Anyone can use a new pillow, right?

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4. The Pulse (aka the Guybrator) by Hot Octopuss


The Pulse is the first male sex toy to use oscillating plates for stimulation. While oscillation is new in this regard, it’s been used in the medical field for more than a decade to help men with spinal cord injuries have children. The Pulse can be used while his penis is completely flaccid and allows room for his erection and excitement to grow. When used with lube, it becomes a vibrating masturbator. Without lube, it can be used in a static way to achieve a unique, advanced orgasm. The underside of the toy vibrates as well, making it a great way to practice hands free foreplay with a female partner; have your partner lay back and insert his penis into The Pulse while you “ride” it.

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5. Vesper by Crave


Crave pride themselves in creating sex toys that are as elegant as any modern device, combining function with fashion. For example: this vibrator is a necklace. Talk about putting yourself out there. This stainless steel necklace will not tarnish or change hue. It comes it silver, rose gold, or 24 carat gold plating. The vibrator has three speeds and a pulsing pattern, yet remains relatively quiet. Simple and elegant, just like the necklace itself. Wear this discrete toy out to dinner, then let your partner use it on you on the cab ride home. Who knew a sex toy could also enhance date night?

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6. Good Vibrations Nipple Teasers Vibrating Nipple Clamps


If you’re into light nipple play when you’re masturbating, but find that you just don’t have enough hands, these wireless clamps were made for you. Or maybe you and your partner are into nipple play you want to take sex up a notch. The vibrations on these nipple teasers can elevate your typical roll in the sack. They’re adjustable, so you can tailor them to apply just the right amount of pressure. Clip them anywhere you want to experience some erotic pain. Think of these teasers as an intro to light BDSM.

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7. Tor 2 by Lalo


The Tor 2 is the first rechargeable gentleman’s ring (read: cock ring) and has stronger vibrations than any other ring on the market. Its flexible silicone construction stretches to comfortably fit any penis size, so if you’ve never used a vibrating cock ring before, you’re in for a real treat. This toy helps maintain his erection while simultaneously vibrating on your clitoris. If you’ve used cheap cock rings before, say goodbye to the disposable versions, because this ring was made to be used more than 10,000 times – plus, it has a warranty. Added bonus: it can be placed on ‘travel mode’, so nothing accidentally goes off in your suitcase. Discretion on fleek.

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Images via Svakom, lelo.com, elle.com, hotoctopuss.com, TechCrunch, Good Vibrations.

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