7 Magical Ways You Can Use Witchcraft To Improve Your Life

October 28, 2019

Witchcraft isn’t all about cauldrons, pointy hats and eye of newt.

I’m a pretty average gal.

Maybe except for the fact I have jet black hair, wear a lot of dark clothing (okay, I own nothing of color whatsoever) and have a mild obsession with my cat, who, like me, likes to sport the broody all-black-everything look.

Oh, and I’m a witch.

Now, before your mind runs away from you, let’s make a few things clear.

I don’t wear a witches hat or dance naked under a full moon. I don’t use voodoo dolls or curse my enemies. My body is most definitely not covered in warts, and last time I checked, despite my crazy stressful work-study-have-no-social-life schedule, I didn’t have a gray hair in sight.

But I do harness the power of witchcraft almost daily; perform little spells here and there, and am fascinated by all things magical, witchy, or in the occult. Which may explain why I’m completely Halloween obsessed.

Before you call me crazy, grab your torches and burn me at a stake, or dismiss me as some kind of devil-worshiper, just know that witchcraft isn’t what you automatically think of. I don’t have supernatural powers. Honestly, I just make a lot of tea, go through hundreds of candles a year and say mantras to myself. It’s all quite innocent, really.

I grew up watching TV shows and Halloween movies featuring witches – Buffy, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, The Craft and Hocus Pocus being some of my all-time favorite TV viewing. I used to play pretend and imagine I was one of the Halliwell sisters from Charmed, and made potions and waved a stick around like it was a wand and I was attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

As I aged, I stopped playing pretend and started looking into witchcraft for real. What I learned was that witches don’t make pacts with the devil to get magical powers, but harness the power of the Earth and nature to create magic. And I could get on board with that.

A lot of what modern witches use in their craft is just a combination of essential oils, herbs, spices and crystals, the properties of which have been used in medicine and everyday life for centuries. I’ve found witchcraft to be incredibly helpful and a whole lot of fun to start using small spells and natural magic to improve elements of my life.

Instead of making pretend-potions out of dirt, glitter and whatever I found in my pantry that looked witchy to my eight year-old eyes, I now brew teas and potions with herbs, spices, plants and oils (which not only give magical effects but smell and taste a lot better as well).

I’ve learned that witchcraft can improve mood, take away stress, crush negative thinking and fill you with feelgood vibes and a more positive outlook on life. Once you know how witchcraft uses everyday items to bring a little fun and magic into the world, you can harness this magic to create spells; and voila, you’re a witch!

So go forth and get witch-crafty this spooky season with these tips and spells. Blessed be.

1. Essential oils

witchcraft essential oils

A lot of witchcraft and spells harness the effects and properties of essential and aromatherapy oils. Using these oils is a practice that goes back thousands of years, and was embraced by the ancient civilizations for healing and cosmetics.

For magical purposes, a witch can use the powers and characteristics of the oil in their spellcraft and for rituals. For example, eucalyptus oil is used in healing spells, and for purification spells and rituals, and sandalwood is used for protection. Vanilla essential oil encourages sexual vitality in women, and rose oil is used in love potions and to encourage romance in spells or rituals.

For my craft, I use oils in really simple ways. If I want to influence my mood, cleanse my aura after a stressful day, or gently encourage sleep, I’ll have a really steamy shower and drop a couple of drops of lavender or peppermint essential oil (both encourage calmness and stress relief) onto the bottom of the shower so the steam carries the scent up to erase any bad vibes I’m still carrying around and make me relaxed and ready for sleep.

2. The elements

witchcraft elements

Probably the most key aspect of witchcraft is a witch’s connection to the Earth and other elements – water, fire, air, and spirit. The elements are where witches draw their power from, harnessing the symbolism and characteristics of the elemental energies and repurposing them for their magical goals. Being the critical part of a witch’s power, basically every spell, ritual or thing a witch does is governed and controlled by the elements.

In a nutshell, Earth is linked with the physical world, It controls anything that is connected to the physical body, is a feminine element (as in, Mother Nature) and encourages stability and growth. Air represents the mind and is connected to freedom, thoughts, ideas, imagination, and intellect. The Fire element governs passion, desire, and intensity, as well as cleanses and purifies. Water affects the subconscious, emotions and dreams. It’s the element of love and mood, as well as having the power to purify, heal and remove stagnant energy. The fifth element, Spirit, is difficult to describe. It unites ‘all things’ and is the connection to other worlds. It’s a lot more ethereal than the other elements.

Being aware of the elements and their power can not only help when casting spells, but can have a really profound impact on mental health. For example, when I’m having a bad depressive episode, I get in the shower and let the water wash away my pain, heal me and purify my negative emotions.

3. Herbs and spices

witchcraft burning sage

In the craft, herbs are used the same way witches use essential oils – calling on the properties they have been used for since antiquity – in order to add to their spellcraft, rituals, and everyday witchy life. People throughout all cultures in history have relied on the medicinal and magical value of herbs and spices, and the modern witch is no different.

For example, cinnamon is used for healing and protecting, as well as for love spells (the spice has long been considered a female aphrodisiac) and for work involving clairvoyance. Witches rely heavily on the use of salt, as well. It’s mainly used for cleansing and purification, as well as to encourage blood circulation when used in baths and soaks.

Probably the most famous herb used in witchcraft is sage, because of the spiritual practices it’s used for. ‘Smudging’ is when a bundle of sage is lit to smolder softly and waved around, for cleansing, purification, and protection from bad energies or evil spirits.

I’ll embrace the use of herbs to make herbal teas as well as to make salves and balms, or in my spellcraft. I also always use a sage to purify and cleanse a new house when I move into it – not because I necessarily believe in demons or evil spirits, but hey, might as well be extra safe.

4. Crystals and candles

witchcraft candles

Crystals are capable of storing and harnessing energy, and this is what they’re used for in witchcraft. They are used for healing, magic, spellcraft and to balance the moods and feelings of the ‘witch’ using them. Crystal energy can assist in any area of your life.

The magical thing about crystals and gemstones is that they choose you, not the other way around. When you’re purchasing one, there will always be one that stands out from the rest to you, almost as if it’s attracting or calling you. That’s the one you should always take home with you.

Each and every crystal has a pre-programmed energy to work with, and it’s important to state your intention when using them when casting spells or harnessing their energy. This will ‘charge’ the crystal and give it more power.

I use crystals in this exact way. I have an emerald sitting on my desk to encourage intellect and to keep headaches at bay and I wear a rose quartz necklace at all times to encourage love, happiness, and peace to come my way.

Candles are used in the same way. When casting spells or to create a mood or feeling, choose a colored candle which corresponds to what you’re trying to achieve; white candles for purification and protection; red for strength, love and lust; blue for tranquility, and so on.

As an extra bonus, crystals, gemstones, and candles are also just really pretty to adorn your altar or to use as decor.

5. Stress relief spell

witchcraft candle

Life is stressful, even for witches. If having a peppermint tea, writing in a gratitude journal or using other stress relief methods just isn’t cutting it, this stress-relieving spell could be the solution.

You will need:

Water (purified if possible)
White or light blue cloth ( whatever size you want, depending on how big you want your charm)
White or light blue candle
String or ribbon in your favorite color
A strand of your own hair


  1. Meditate and imagine all your stress and anxiety covering your skin and body like dark, black, oily sludge.
  2. Dip your thumb into the water and place on your forehead, throat, underneath lung, navel and groin areas and as you do, imagine the sludge disappearing.
  3. Meditate at your candle, envisioning a ball of white mist. Imagine the mist moving into your bowl of salt and covering the salt until it is pure.
  4. Tip the salt onto the cloth or fabric and place a strand of your hair in the middle, and then tie it up with your string or ribbon.
  5. Cuddle, caress, stroke and hold the magical totem to your heart whenever you are feeling stressed, and it will calm you instantly.

6. Spell to get over your ex

witchcraft get over ex

Let’s face it; getting over someone can be really hard. Even after trying all of the advice you come across on how to finally put your ex behind you forever, sometimes they still take up space in your head and your heart. This spell helps to clear that space for good.

You will need:

A candle, to represent your higher power, if you have one
A fire-safe container
A lighter
Moon water (this is water which has been ‘charged’ by the moon by being left outside overnight)
A breeze (if you don’t have one, it’s not absolutely essential)
Piece of paper with your ex’s name on it


1. Go outside and find a quiet place to sit.

2. Light your candles (if you’re using them).

3. Above or in your fire safe container, burn the piece of paper with your ex’s name on it. As you do this, say the following chant, and repeat until the paper is fully burned.

“I blow you into my past like the wind blows the leaves away
I will not let my intent differ or sway.

You are now out of my life, heart, and mind
Out of this hole, I climb

I take you away by the Earth, fire, air, and sea
So mote it be.”

4. Pour the Moon water over the contents of the container.

5. Throw the contents in the container into the breeze and watch them land on the ground.

6. Your spell is complete. If you don’t feel a sense of relief right away, it’s okay. I did, but it affects everyone differently.

7. Spell to have a good day

witchcraft coffee

Sometimes, the easiest way to practice witchcraft is to work it into the everyday activities you already do. For example, because I’m definitely not a morning person, I start every day with a big cup of coffee, so, this spell helps combine my early morning caffeine fix with a spell to ensure I have the best day possible.

You will need:

Your favorite mug, or one you consider “lucky”
Allspice (to help give strength to your identity)
Sugar (to promote sweetness and kindness in yourself)
Cinnamon (to promote warmth, a happy domestic environment, and protection)
Some sort of milk (optional)
Coffee syrup (also optional, but I use caramel to promote happiness and warmth)


1. Stir everything together clockwise. You can use a corresponding colored plastic straw or spoon to stir it if you want – yellow for happiness, green for luck and prosperity, and so on.

2. Drink, and go forth with your day.

Ultimately, the thing to remember when performing spells and witchcraft is it’s a lot of mind-over-matter stuff. If you attempt to do the spell to get over your ex but in your mind, you’ve already decided it’s not going to work because it’s a bunch of hippy nonsense, chances are you’re not going to get a result. In which case, witchcraft probably isn’t for you (which is totally okay, by the way).

Witchcraft may not appeal to everyone, but if you’ve got an open mind and don’t take life too seriously, practicing a little spell every now and then can inject a little bit of innocent fun and hopefulness into your day; and understanding the different properties of ‘magical’ items, if nothing else, will enhance your appreciation for these everyday objects.

Regardless of what you choose to believe in, it’s hard to deny the fact that life truly is magical.

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