7 Surprisingly Healthy Vending Machine Snacks

November 12, 2015

Because sometime chips are the only dinner option.

While its easy to talk about going on a diet, its hard to commit when you are already in a routine.

Whether you’re living on lettuce to fit back into your trophy jeans and having a moment of weakness (read: raging hunger) or stuck working back late in the office with no time to duck out for dinner, sometimes you just have to reach for the vending machine.

It’s one thing to say you’re only going to drink green smoothies but its another thing altogether having the time and willpower to keep to your promise. So in the interest of not beating yourself up every time you cave and throw some coins down that beckoning slot, here are the healthier options most vending machines carry…

1. Sun Chips

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Similar to Grain Waves, Sun Chips have half the baddies that are found in a regular packet of chips. However, these are not so much ‘chips’ as they are grain smooched together to form delectable bites filled with goodness.

2. Smartfood Reduced-Fat Popcorn

healthy snacks, health, women's health, wellness, food,

Forty per cent reduced fat with a delish cheesy taste, these babies will get you through that paperwork when you have to pull a long day and are all outta options.

3. Chewy Granola Bars 

 healthy snacks, health, women's health, wellness, food,

Guilt-free chocolate that still tastes delicious, could you ask for anything more? With just 90 calories per serve, these tasty bars will provide you with a good hit of fibre to assuage your guilt.

4. Fig Newtown’s

healthy snacks, health, women's health, wellness, food,

These Fig Newtown’s are a classic your mother was sure to force them down your throat as a child. So replace your packet of Skittles with these for a healthier sweet snack that’s higher in fibre and lower in calories.

5. Nature Valley Oats ‘N Honey Granola Bars

 healthy snacks, health, women's health, wellness, food,

Not only are these bars a yummy snack for young and old, they have only 6 grams of fat per bar, which means one definitely won’t hurt.

6. Nestlé CRUNCH Carb Select Sugar Free

healthy snacks, health, women's health, wellness, food,

Nestlé’s Carb Select and sugar-free version of the CRUNCH chocolate bar is just as good, if not better than its original.

7. Water

healthy snacks, health, women's health, wellness, food,

There is nothing better on this earth for you than water. Simply replace fizzy drinks and juices with water and you will be doing a world of good for your body. Yeah, we know it’s not juice or Mountain Dew, but we’re talking healthy options here, and you’ve gotta be realistic!

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