7 Things You Should’ve Figured Out By The Time You Turn 30

November 10, 2015

Prolonging your adolescence is no longer acceptable.

Reaching your thirtieth birthday can be a dreaded occasion for some and a milestone for others. But regardless of which way you decide to look at it, leaving your twenties behind means the official end of being able to respectfully pull off prolonging your adolescence.

For that reason, there are some life affairs that are non-negotiables for getting in order before you blow out those candles and potentially set off a smoke alarm (jokes)…

1. Eating junk food for dinner is no longer okay

You thought losing that super fast metabolism when you where 21 was bad? Think again. When you turn 30, your metabolism pretty much shuts up shop altogether and says, “Laters, bitch!” So eating pizza and chocolate for dinner will no longer be consequence free. It’s not all bad news though, if you’re willing to eat like a grown-up (read: eat things that don’t come out of Pop Tart packets for dinner), you can still rock a hot bod, and have the energy to take it out.

2. You need to start saving

8 Things You Should Have Figured Out By The Time You Turn 30

Spending all your money on booze, dinners, trips overseas and new clothes is no longer an option unless you have a huge disposable income. By now, you should be seriously thinking about how you spend your money and where you invest it. No self-respecting 30 year-old has an empty bank balance at the end of the pay month, so start squirrelling something away. As a general rule you should aim to put 10-15 per cent of your earnings into savings.

3. You do actually need to see the dentist and doctor

8 Things You Should Have Figured Out By The Time You Turn 30

I have a friend who evaded the dentist for seven years only to finally go and sit through having 10 fillings done. We all know how hard it is to talk to strangers on the phone, but calling your mother up to book your appointment is no longer acceptable and avoiding the problem isn’t going to make it any better.

Make sure you find yourself someone you’re comfortable going back to. Having a regular dentist and doctor’s check-up is essential to preventing the onset of health issues later in life.

4. You need to take care of your bod

Remember when you used to throw on running shoes and hit the pavement post-hangover, no warm-up required? Those days are over. As you age, your muscles are more prone to injury, so it’s essential to stay fit by engaging in some regular exercise and ensure you do a good warm-up and warm-down to prevent injuries, that, or be prepared to pay the ultimate price.

5. You need more space in your wardrobe for work clothes

It’s time to make room for some sensible office clothes. No longer is your closet reserved for partying outfits. Ripped jeans and tank tops won’t score you a promotion in your thirties so you’ll need to stock up on professional attire. There are certain closet basics you’ll need to have if you want to be taken seriously as a grown-up. Plain LBDs and pencil skirts are always a safe go-to item when you’re up for a job interview or promotion, and crisp white shirts are a must.

6. You need health insurance

Planning for the unexpected is critical. No longer can you crawl back to your parents when things go wrong or your desperately need money to pay for complications. As a responsible adult you need a health insurance plan that suits you, since going without one could see you end up paying an enormous amount on hospital bills and medical treatments leaving you out of pocket. If you’re unsure where to start or confused by all the options, try a health insurance comparison site.

7. You need to have a plan

Attempting to have a full time job and a social life on the weekend is great but you’ll find the simple things get pushed to the side. The dirty laundry never gets done and the fridge is never full. As well as this, you can’t just go on a holiday, you need leave approved from work and to actually plan the whole event. To get on top of everything, schedule time for ‘life admin’ once every week so your weekends aren’t taken up with housework and bill paying.

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