7 Things You Should Never Do If Your Date Doesn’t Text You Back

September 15, 2016

Don’t go to Crazy Town…

So you’ve had a few great dates with a new special someone and are convinced they’re The One. You’re even feeling a little smug because it’s all seeming a little too easy and oh-so-right.

Except then days go by and suddenly there’s no contact. You figure, what’s the harm in contacting your suddenly tight-lipped date? So you shoot off a text. Still no response.

You can’t work out if you’re being ghosted or, the more likely reason: they’re obviously just lost in the middle of the woods, sans phone. So you think about sending out some friendly smoke signals and opt for the less crazy girl option of contacting your potential perfect mate multiple times on Tinder, via text, and just for good measure, you send out a Tweet, in case they missed one of your 17 messages.

On a scale of one to crazy, you’re sitting at a solid 8.5. We’ve all been there, but if you want to avoid the madness that ensues when there’s an overly long break between communications post date, it’s probably best you avoid doing these seven things…

1. Stalking them on social media

You’re 15 profiles deep into your stalk-a-thon and you keep coming across ex-girlfriends and friends that look like Gigi Hadid. All this is good for is creating anxiety-inducing stories in your head. Whenever we go stalking on social media we think we’re doing something good. Wrong. All we’re really doing is looking for a whole lotta paranoia.

2. Initiating too much contact

If you sent the last text or you’re the one who usually initiates your chats, then just leave it. If your date likes you, they’ll call and want to see you. It’s that old adage; if they’re not making an effort to get in touch with you, chances are they’re just not that into you, and no amount of text conversation initiations will change that.

3. Jumping to conclusions

When we jump to conclusions, they’re usually negative. We create stories in our head and dream up the worst possible scenarios. Besides creating unnecessary stress for yourself by imagining the worst, jumping to conclusions can lead to irrationally lashing out at your crush, something you’re likely to regret when the dust has settled.

4. Posting soppy memes

If you’re friends with your love interest on social media, they can see everything you post. Hence, posting a meme of Kris Jenner demonstrating the stages of an emotional breakdown is likely to send them running in the opposite direction.

5. Wallowing in self-pity

Trust in the fact that you’re a catch-and-a-half and there are people out there who’d fall over themselves to take you out on a date. So if you had a few dates with someone and never heard back, be happy it’s happening now and not six months down the track. All it means is you’re free and single for the perfect relationship to come along.

6. Reconnecting with your ex

An ex is an ex for a reason. Feeling sad and craving affection shouldn’t give you a reason to jump back into the arms of someone who’s bad for you. Just switch your phone off and have a quiet night in with your vibrator instead.

7. Settling for second best

It’s easy to talk yourself into settling for less than makes you happy when you’re suffering the ego blow of rejection that comes with being ghosted after a date. But life’s too short to be in a relationship with someone who really doesn’t want to be with you, you deserve to be someone’s number one.

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Comment: Are you guilty of doing any of the above after a date, or has someone done one of these things to you?


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