Old Hollywood could teach us all a few things, especially in the beauty and skin care department.

Take advantage of popular trends at the time including luscious bold lips, satin-looking skin, and even the occasional ringlet in their hair.

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Bold lips

Every girls makeup collection needs at least one bold lip. This is the one product which looks amazing by itself, or can even be layered with a lip liner for more of a long-lasting colour. If your lipstick application does look a little messy, use a cotton tip to even out the colour.

7 Timeless Style Tips From Old Hollywood

Big lashes

Who doesn’t love a classic set of falsies? To create more volume for your lashes, apply single lashes to the outer corner of your eyes with the help of tweezers.

For more length, apply a straight strip of lashes and blend them in with a few coats of mascara.

7 Timeless Style Tips From Old Hollywood

Bold brows

Remember Marilyn Monroe’s brows? There was nothing subtle about them!

Use a pomade to define thin, sparse brows and to create the illusion of more body at the centre. A clear brow gel will lock them in place without feeling too crusty.

7 Timeless Style Tips From Old Hollywood

Rosy cheeks

There’s one thing that old Hollywood starlets all had in common, and that was a perfect pink blush. To accentuate your natural features, use a creamy blush which is easy to blend out and brings a pop of colour to the face.

7 Timeless Style Tips From Old Hollywood

Big hair

If you weren’t blessed with voluminous locks such as Brigitte Bardot, then there is a way to fake it. Use baby powder and apply it directly onto your roots, and don’t forget to blend it out!

7 Timeless Style Tips From Old Hollywood

Cat-eye liner

Not only did a classic cat-eye liner define the 1960s, but it’s still very much a staple makeup look to this day. If you feel a little hopeless at creating such a dramatic look, use a sticky note to guide to carve out your wing. Then simply remove when you’re done!

7 Timeless Style Tips From Old Hollywood


To define the colour of your eyes (this works well with blue or green eyes), don’t forget to tight-line with a black kohl pencil. This is perfect for an evening look, and works well with a pale lip and a cat-eye liner.

7 Timeless Style Tips From Old Hollywood

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